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Springtime Adventurations

Originally posted on March 11, 2012

Riding my bicycle around the larger neighborhood, about a 5 mile loop, noticing that on the heels of Daylight Saving Time we’re warming up (literally) to the Vernal Equinox, when the night-length equals the day-length. That adds up to Springtime! (Which reminds me of “In Just-spring” by e.e. cummings. )   Those lil’ buds on the trees are just puffing up their cheeks and ready to burst forth into leaves and blossoms. A fair number have begun, others still look dead. (“No, they’re just sleeping.” – Dead Parrot skit, Monty Python)      Anyway, as you see, I am digressed and distracted without too much effort. I blame it on my feverishly creative mind, which I inherited from a number of transpersonal sources. (The brain is partly from my parents’ genes, but that’s only the “antenna” so to speak.)

I passed a lovely garden and a lovely old lady working it, paused to complement it. She had not been aware of the many faeries and elves that had obviously been cavorting there. Well, she did suspect it, she admitted. She was worried about a worm that had been eating her pansies. Ah, that was some king from the past who ate pansy flowers, but he messed up—kings are wont to do that—and down the reincarnational chutes and ladders he slid. “He has a red stripe around his middle,” she said. “Oh,” I replied, since of course I know these things—I’m not omniscient, but I am pretty mniscient. “That must have been a sultan, then. They mess up as much as kings, you know,” I confabulated. “The red ring is a giveaway.”

Well, why not? We may fill our lives with innumerable myths. Actually, people do all the time, but they rarely do it on purpose. Well, back to springtime: A number of cardinals and mocking-birds are spicing the air with song, and the variety of greens is mind-boggling.

Boggle boggle boggle!  (Did you know that’s an elf-mantra in one of the dimensions I sort of come from? They love to be awe-struck! Without the solemnity of Earth-bound religion, the looking down and all, they look up and around and instead of saying OM they reverse it and say WO(w)!)

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