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Shree Yantra Live

Originally posted on July 4, 2013

In our world/ realm / dimension (says Zordak, my little green friend who visits me in his lil’ flying saucer thingey-o) we also have the diagram called the “Sri Yantra” as shown here:


In our world it’s far more organic, slightly fluctuating, generating ever-new internal patterns. On your planet (at least in India and parts of your world were Yoga is making some impact) this diagram is all neat lines. In our realm it’s alive, a vibrating, internally re-creating form that hints at the way all life in the universe unfolds from the center outward. In another diagram, the kabbalistic tree of life, from the mystical Jewish tradition, a related diagram seen not from the inside radiating outwards but from the side, so to speak, so you can see the top-down progress.


…although again on your world this living diagram of a vibrating, becoming, ever-changing, multi-dimensional process is most often represented as straight lines and circles—a little too fixed for our tastes. But the point is that your mystics and our mystics sort of see the same unfolding, and that’s what counts!

Plato moved in the right direction with his sense that ideal “objects” lay behind the manifest, but of course it wasn’t objects so much as pre-form functions and patterns that take form according to the culture and even species and dimensional requirements of the life-expressing-god-ness of the cosmos.

The point of this message to humanity is to relax a bit about the imperfect, the more organic, the less straight-line-ness of stuff: This is how the glory of individuality is celebrated. If it weren’t a bit floppy there’d be no room for God’s infinite variety!

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