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Thoughts on Dimension-ality

Originally posted on July 24, 2018

Although we are physically 3-Dimensional, our minds are able to think about many-dimensions. (I am aware that this is a concept that is provisional!)

I think we’re at least 4 dimensions, but our minds can intuit more! Mathematicians intuit many more! (I have an acquaintance who thinks there are thirty-three di-mensions!) Some few think about them a lot, but they think mathematically, which is indeed one way to think about them. Others think about them in terms of stories—but they are often at odds with the “latest” scientific input. Others still think about other worlds or dimensions or realms (such as the land of faerie) and make up stories.

Most of our dreams are made up stories, some few of which seem real, at first, or for a time. Others make up stores in non-dream states and don’t worry about whether they are real or not. We have a great capacity to tell myths, legends, stories—it doesn’t matter whether they’re “true.”

Does conceiving of what to us is unreal make a difference? Do animals do it? (Other than fishes who go for bait that looks like real stuff they eat.) This takes us to the topic of illusion, of which I have other things—but pitifully little–to say.

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