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Foolin Around

Creativity Promotion

Can we promote creativity itself? Maybe that’s like creating electricity without having devices to run. I suspect this is a theme to explore and develop. Really, what it involves is playing with stuff, people, the world, your mind, attitudes, whatever. “Can you just do that?” Sure, why not. I’ve become impressed with a dismal reality: […]

Cross-Section of Images Crossing the Corpus Callosum

The brain is, in my thinking, not a manufacturer of thoughts, but rather a receiver. It picks up transmissions from what David Bohm calls the “implicate order.” (I wonder, though, if he ever recognized the profound dis-order that operates in that realm, mixed with certain kinds of order.) Here’s my drawing of three perspectives on […]

Culposcopy: Assessing Guilt

I was emailing with a friend and mentioned culposcopy—meaning colposcopy—I misspelled it. (It’s a gynecological procedure.) But my pal, Dr. James M. Sacks, who is both playful and wise, had the following take on it and I thought it was witty enough to post (with his permission): Dear Adam, Some of your best serious ideas […]


Contemporary nanotechnological research is also being conducted by trans-dimensional "scientists" (Try to wrap your mind around the idea that trans-dimensional science recognizes that creative thought-forms participate in the co-construction of reality, whereas your culture in its present paradigmatic worldview (redundant?) thinks reality is objective and not subjective. (Ho ho ho says one of our sprite-ual […]

Dance of the Diddly-doodles on Arabesque Day

Below is a picture of a diddly-doodle, rendered sort of anthropo-morphically. (We’ve found that humans can relate better to that which they can relate to more.) Diddly-doodles live in another dimension where they elaborate flowery complexities in the cosmos: this is their “job.” It is needed, else everything be square and orderly. Mussed-up hair, charming […]

Deconstructing Multi-Perspectival-ness

(…or is it multi-perspectival-osity? I mean, can you just make up words like that?) The scene opens at an unnamed university, not in a secret bunker under a mountain, but right out in the open looking like a normal college campus. Zoom in on one nice-looking building, into a window in which a nice looking […]

Dimensionality Reconsidered

David Blatner is my son, of whom I am extremely proud. He’s writing a book titled “Spectrums.” He shares with me (and Zordak) an astonishmentality about this universe we inhabit. He wrote to me (as a note in preparing his book on Spectrums): “If earth were the size of a grain of salt, our solar […]


It’s sort of a ringing your bell sound: Maybe it should be spelled doyngg! It’s too close to do-ing, which is also a little involved, but what is doing what in what level of the psyche-nervous system is best expressed by the feeling of “doynggg”—with some resonance at the end. This sound is related to […]

Don’t Break the Fourth Wall?

The “fourth wall” is a term in drama that recognizes that spectators watch an enactment by players who behave as if there is no one watching, as if the walls of the stage are not transparent—especially the imagined wall that is really the open space between the stage and the audience. That imagined wall is […]


My dear cousin said that I do amazing doodle-art: “This is better than Rorschach! They also look like a gorgeous sequence of cathedral rose windows.” I guess so. I just doodle with a compass, but of course my genius—“genius” refers to a guardian spirit during the centuries BC and AD. Genius or genii guide my […]

Drama in Everyday Life: A Type of Vital-Mind

Drama is a vitalizing dynamic. What is essential is the expression of exaggerated emotions—triumph, joy, fear, vulnerability, fear, protest, lust, greed, shame—all the colors of the rainbow. Civilization has rightfully demanded a modulation of these, but as with most social trends, driven by unintelligent minds that want simple and final answers, it overshot the mark. […]

Ease Up a Bit

I found these three cartoons synchronistic with a mood that hits me sometime, a delight in being casual.  Sometimes I fantasize that our beautiful Sun City community is our regal estate, though we don’t bother dressing up.  (Leo Cullum, New Yorker, Jan 17, 2011, p.43) When I stayed at one of the Oxford colleges in […]

Elementary Arts Education

So much of arts education seems to be targeted at an audience as an act of impressing people: See how good I am. Okay, there’s a place for that. But what occurs to me is that doing expressive arts may involve several levels of competence and talent, and only the upper levels—the ones requiring talent […]

Embryonic Dream-Packet

Within each of these little packets are “doorways” to multi-dimensional dreamscapes and nubbin narratives that can spin out in the fertile soil of the amplifying unconscious mind. They reside at junctures of innate potentials in he implicate order. As consciousness evolves, humanity—or what it evolves into in “x”-ty-thousands of years—will be able to pick and […]


   …muscles are contracting;   the earth is rotating (duck!) ;  neurons are depolarizing (firing)  :  stomach and intestinal contents gurgle (borborygmi) ;    air is circulating ;   fluids are flowing ; there is beauty being experienced  ;    …and pain    ;   chemicals are reacting  ;  hearts are beating   ; chemicals are reacting   ;  mites are eating…    and […]

Expanding Ur Life

For those who might want to enjoy and expand their perspectives, check out the other web-blog postings on this site. (For those as busy as my wife, never mind. Who has time?) For those who are in-between and want something more substantial than the boob tube to stimulate their mind, I volunteer to be your […]

Extra-Terrestrial Elves

You’re aware by now that the more they look the more they find, and this applies to stars that have planets. So it’s become very clear—well, some don’t believe it now—that there are billions upon billions of stars with planets and very conservatively millions of intelligent life forms, some far more intelligent than your own, […]

Fabulation 2

As you may have noticed, I dare to make up stuff. You can, too. (As a matter of fact, you do, all the time, but you don’t know it. It’s unconscious. Maybe with the tools I’m producing you can know it a little more, or at lest know about that.) The fancy term for making […]

Faeries: Resonant Energy Fields

Faeries are not real in an ordinary materialist sense, but then again, neither is love. They are expressions of mind, and mind transcends a mere materialism-based metaphysical philosophy. You are really reading this, though all bets are off as to how you interpret it. More importantly, that leads to the realization that if you think […]


I became interested in fairies before they were featured in Tolkien’s Return of the King trilogy. In fact, my interpretation of these non-physical beings is that they appear in whatever form the audience imagines, as in the Christmas song, Some Children See Him Lily White. In fact, faery beings appear as imagined through the filter […]

Finding God’s Purpose

A friend used this term, “God’s Purpose,” and it got me to wondering: Well, one interpretation is to just do what we can to make everything nice, the greatest good for the greatest numbers, as Jeremy Bentham suggested? (Or was it Frances Hutchinson? You go to Wikipedia and find that clichés are more than what […]


There are some words like “flister-fluster” that have not yet entered our vocabulary because what they mean isn’t yet known to humankind. Flister-fluster is a flipping kind of thing between dimensions, and one must have some sense of how dimensionality works to even begin to entertain such a concept. (This relates to the previously posted […]

Flumping Up my Blog

So my son the computer maven, David, has arranged for me to write more easily on my blog as my Holiday Season present, and I’m like a kid with a new toy. Renewed Role: Expressor to the Universe! All you fans of mine out there in the blogosphere (both of you?), take heed! I am […]

Folk Dance Sprites

Life as we know it is infused with vital energies from the cosmic ground of being, and humans tend to anthropomorphize, to personify, to imagine these as gods and angels, faeries and sprites. Of late (the last 300 years) we have moved towards de-animating life, making it more a machine, blind forces that have no […]

Folk Songs

I was lucky enough to live through the era of folk songs and learned thousands of songs, folk songs, kids’ songs, ballads, funny songs, rounds, Broadway tunes, etc. Although the cartoon strip portrays an old geezer in a nursing home, most of the old geezers I know are independent! They live on farms, are still […]