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Flumping Up my Blog

Originally posted on December 16, 2010

So my son the computer maven, David, has arranged for me to write more easily on my blog as my Holiday Season present, and I’m like a kid with a new toy. Renewed Role: Expressor to the Universe! All you fans of mine out there in the blogosphere (both of you?), take heed! I am inspired to compose in coherent language and relatively good grammar, to set down those wisps of converging cognitions and big-worded contemplations that may (or may not) greatly enlarge your world-view, aid in the shifting of the paradigms of your thought, or tickle your fancies and fantasies. So let’s see if this goes anywhere.

Say, just a reminder: These blogs are a medium that allow for feedback, that may stimulate discussion. Alas, a certain portion of those commenting on my blog are painfully lame links to commercial enterprises, and I delete them. But if you’re sincere, we may co-create something thought-provoking for others.

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