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Folk Dance Sprites

Originally posted on January 14, 2013

Life as we know it is infused with vital energies from the cosmic ground of being, and humans tend to anthropomorphize, to personify, to imagine these as gods and angels, faeries and sprites. Of late (the last 300 years) we have moved towards de-animating life, making it more a machine, blind forces that have no aesthetic sense. We tend to think of will as the primary quality of mind-in-life, and it is a tiny bit, but mainly it’s a receptive power for enjoyment.

Anyway, I’ve been folk dancing for 56 years or so and often when I’m dancing, hey, I (the one supposedly ‘in control’) is not the only one who is dancing. So I checked and discovered that each dance has its own sprite even as each flower has its own faerie. And they are often a group who dance, more than one. So here is a picture of an energy field of sprites folk dancing:


This is a Balkan dance where they hold each others’ belts and dance in a circle. Each dance is a little different, each type of sprite is a little different. They love it when we open to allow them to come through and experience and do (to some extent) the dance when the music plays.

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