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Originally posted on March 18, 2011

   …muscles are contracting;   the earth is rotating (duck!) ;  neurons are depolarizing (firing)  :  stomach and intestinal contents gurgle (borborygmi) ;    air is circulating ;   fluids are flowing ; there is beauty being experienced  ;    …and pain    ;   chemicals are reacting  ;  hearts are beating   ; chemicals are reacting   ;  mites are eating…    and defecating  ;  molecular shapes are being altered   ;  there are   possibilities…    roads not taken  ;   crystals are forming   ;   ugliness  is being experienced    ; perceptions generate the illusion that such qualities exist objectively, out there, the same for everyone   ;  molecules of air are colliding—and water, too!   fluids are flowing…   ions are exchanging . . .  here comes another one!  light and sound waves are vibrating… crickets are chirping and birds are singing…  cells are reproducing and dying …  the complexity is mind-boggling…  mistakes are being made…
       No one is noticing most of these events . . . My beingness unfolds amidst matrices of relationships in many dimensions…   — ions and molecules, cells and tissues,  body-mind complexities and  mysteries,   intra-psychic and archetypal dynamics, interpersonal relationships…        family networks,   influence over distances via media    a sense of participation in many networks and with friends and acquaintances…     participation also among miscellaneous causes, enterprises,   associations, cultural trends… the greater evolution of consciousness…

       Somewhere,  creating within this matrix… but fusing also with all the other stuff… the boundaried "self" only being an illusion

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