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Spirituality and Philosophy


On a website, , the writer of a blog criticizes a New York Times essay by Barbara Ehrenreich, a best selling author. The essay criticizes the “selfish side” of thankful-ness. The criticism suggests that she may have misread the research? My response is that this is a meaty topic for sociodrama. Of course all […]

Cosmic Momma

Once in a while Zordak sends me a picture to mull on. This one I’ve been considering for a while (some years) and then she revealed the deeper meaning to me (I think). This is a mythical figure from Zordak’s universe—you know, the parallel one. There are infinite numbers of universes (as far as our […]

Creating Celebrations

Did you know you could create your own rituals, ceremonies, celebrations? I’ve written about this in a paper on my website,    a chapter in my anthology, Interactive & Improvisational Drama, and also posted a supplement on my website for that book. They’ve got a national organization for training people who can serve as consultants for […]

Creation Recreation

I remember seeing a little sign of a cute kid looking kind of vulnerable and the caption said, “Please be patient; God isn’t finished with me yet.” And it recently occurred to me that this applies not just to an individual child as it develops, but the whole human species. Indeed, in an act of […]

Creative Musings

I cultivate a mild state of dissociation and surrender to my primary process, my free-floating imaginativeness, my pre-un-conscious mind. I willingly entertain confabulation, trusting (at least for a while) the sort of stuff my subconscious mind just makes up. This part of our mind is far more clever than even bright people’s minds! It comes […]

Creativity Carries On

I have of late encountered a series of experiences that have delivered a reassuring and startling message: There are many who carry on the work of creativity, and many who are doing so in ways that are more refined, more radical, more elaborate, more whatever than me! A small and not-to-be-honored egocentric part begrudges them: […]

Creativity Development

Using action explorations are a tool for aiding in creativity development. It may or may not have some therapeutic applications for those who have even a moderate degree of initiative. Action explorations can or may help to meet problems or predicaments in a new way. We’re offering empowerment, liberation, in a world where I don’t […]

Critique of “The End of Philosophy”

A column titled “The End of Philosophy,” by David Brooks appeared originally in the New York Times, and was reprinted on April 11 on the editorial page (A-15) of the Austin American-Statesman Newspaper, in Texas. Here are my comments on that piece: The title is valid only if we imagine that philosophy requires a discussion […]

Dance of the Diddly-doodles on Arabesque Day

Below is a picture of a diddly-doodle, rendered sort of anthropo-morphically. (We’ve found that humans can relate better to that which they can relate to more.) Diddly-doodles live in another dimension where they elaborate flowery complexities in the cosmos: this is their “job.” It is needed, else everything be square and orderly. Mussed-up hair, charming […]

Dare to Be Creative

I’m wondering what I might yet do, what others are too busy to do. First, I’m not the only one, but perhaps your question will generate good things: I need help in my goals to integrate the best creative developments of the creative arts therapies. One thing I think you’ve noticed is that normal people […]

Denouement 2

(Look it up for the meaning!). A French term used in drama to refer to the final scene. As Frank Sinatra sang, in his signature song, My Way, “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.” So I’m entering that phase, the denouement of my life: Tying up loose ends. […]

Depth Psychology Education

Psychology has been around for over a century, and it’s time we spread the word. Much of it has been mystified, but it shouldn’t be. A moment’s reflection—well, more than a moment for many of us–will reveal that we in our know-how-ing selves don’t even know what we do when we pee! I mean, there […]

Diddely-Squat Chicken-Shit

What I don’t know! Boy, do I need to surrender. There’s a real type of effort in psychically “letting go,” though. It’s only vaguely an act of will, or maybe non-will. But it’s not the same as “trying,” much less “trying harder.” It’s 99% beyond me, that I realize, the 1% being that I know […]


I am rather sure that there are dimensions beyond what most folks can perceive, contemplate, travel in or beyond. My “magnum opus” is an illustrated philosophical contemplation of the many facets of existence, most of which few people imagine much less contemplate. There’s one dimension, which means more or less of anything. More brightness or […]

Dimensional Metaphysics

This is a short essay on the plausibility of considering mind to be a dimension, a category of actuality that interpenetrates with all the other dimensions of time, space, matter and energy. In the last two centuries we have discovered the existence of realms of existence that we hadn’t known about before, that are not […]

Dimensional Metaphysics

I thought of calling it a theology, but immediately that became radically absurd. I’m aware that each person’s transcendent experience is, so to speak, a many-lifetime journey, and differs from anyone else. Metaphysics may be descriptive, but it doesn’t presume to state how it really is. We are but tiny human-brains—that’s how the angels love […]

Dimensional Philosophy

I use the metaphor of “dimension,” drawn from geometry. From the internet: “A dimension is a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height, as, for example, "the final dimensions of the pond were 14 ft. x 8 ft."  Synonyms might be size, measurement, proportions, extent, volume, capacity, area, breadth, width, […]

Dimensional Theology

I have a friend, a rabbi, who has chosen to work within the Holy Scriptures, and to "milk" them. He writes sermons about them and/or teachings of others about them. Of course he reads into these writings his own interpretations, scholarly confabulations, seeing in them what sincerely seems to be there. He says, “As you […]

Dimensional Thinking

There is a hidden assumption that everything can be presented in terms known to all. This is as fallacious as saying that all higher mathematics can be symbolized by simple arithmetic and no other symbols are needed. It’s a matter of trying not to be all “stuck up”—we learned to try to not be this […]


I’ve worked out my own theology: The cosmos is structured somewhat like the triangular designs of the Sri Yantra, in expanding patterns of downward facing triangles met by upward facing ones. In the middle is God, sort-of, a point. The next level out is the recognition that what we call the highest is multidimensional. In […]


There was a time not so long ago that perhaps most people did not know about there being other lands, other races, other ways of speaking or writing. So too we human beings live in a world that may know nothing of other realms. For example, we live in a three-dimensional world, and we presume […]

Dimensionality as New Perception

It has occured  to me that “Dimensionality,” might be thought of as a new angle on metaphysics, or what people used to call  “religion,” though of course I seek no converts. It notes that just as the third dimension adds dimensionality to the second dimension, and the fourth—time— adds dimensions of duration to space, so […]

Dimensionality Reconsidered

David Blatner is my son, of whom I am extremely proud. He’s writing a book titled “Spectrums.” He shares with me (and Zordak) an astonishmentality about this universe we inhabit. He wrote to me (as a note in preparing his book on Spectrums): “If earth were the size of a grain of salt, our solar […]

Dimensions Beyond

One of the other ways the cosmos works is that it evolves. This includes the emergence of consciousness as a product of complexified mind, and the emergence of qualities associated with the capacities to be amazed, astonished, awed, reverent, reflective, thoughtful, inspired to theorize about, desiring to share, question, doubt, and in other ways bring […]

Dimensions of Mind

One dimension is a line, two dimensions is a plane, and our world is experienced in three dimensions, length, breadth, height. But in truth, we experience it in what Einstein called a fourth dimension of time, and our experiencing it might well be viewed as from a fifth dimension: Mind. Let’s then reflect how existence […]