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Creation Recreation

Originally posted on September 29, 2011

I remember seeing a little sign of a cute kid looking kind of vulnerable and the caption said, “Please be patient; God isn’t finished with me yet.” And it recently occurred to me that this applies not just to an individual child as it develops, but the whole human species. Indeed, in an act of creative mythmaking, using surplus reality, I imagined asking God, “Why is the world so very imperfect?” And I imagined God responding,  “Hey, what folks there don’t realize is that the Universe as you know it is just a first draft!”
      “I never did this before—creating a 3-D universe with 1-D-forward-moving time. A universe with matter that requires energy to move and transform. It’s been a great game creating stars and galaxies and planetary systems and life forms of various types and having consciousness evolve within these various combinations. But I admit, there are indeed innumerable imperfections. Worse (from the perspective of humanity’s desire for salvation and perfection), I’m not going to do a second draft. It’s too much fun just to fool around, experiment, see what can be. So I enjoy the planning, blocking out the main themes, exploring to see what’s possible, refining here and there, and refining again, but yet not bothering to be perfect. Sometimes I don’t even refine much! Your creative genius and mentor Moreno said it—something on the order of ‘more important than the product of creation is the creative act and the experience of creating in the mind-body of the creator.’ So that’s what I’m up to.”

God continued, “Omniscience and omnipotence have been attributed to me, but what never occurred to most theologians is (1) that I wasn’t really shooting for perfection, but rather just to experience through the media that I was creating all the experiences that went with this creation. (2) They didn’t get also that I distributed both the delight and the power and responsibility for co-creativity to the creatures, so that in effect, I sort of got the game going and then let them work out the details. (3) The creatures—such as your species—are by my estimate only about 10% along in what needs to be done—making good progress over 5% (several thousand years ago) but still you have a long way  to go.”

In my imagined dialogue of sorts, God went on: “By that time, of course, when you’ve got most of the rough edges off, you’ll find there are all sorts of things you want to do extra. If humanity and earth’s evolution were a box, we’re just, as I said, getting the rough edges off. The sanding, inlay work, polishing, decorating, staining, etc. are processes that haven’t even begun. I’m hoping you don’t extinct yourselves and much of more complex life on your planet in time to turn it around.” 

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