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Originally posted on January 4, 2016

There was a time not so long ago that perhaps most people did not know about there being other lands, other races, other ways of speaking or writing. So too we human beings live in a world that may know nothing of other realms.

For example, we live in a three-dimensional world, and we presume with the arrogance of innocence that this is the whole world, and the only world that could possibly be. Knowing about dimensionality, we have managed to stretch our minds and imagine that time is a fourth dimension, thank you Einstein. But each dimension adds qualities that are not even suspected in the lower dimensions.

I propose that mind, also exhibiting very different qualities, constitutes a higher dimension, a 5th dimension. We may imagine that there are different types of minds and qualities that others have that we can hardly imagine. It’s hard enough to imagine that people in our own world have such a range of tastes, languages, other preferences.

Consider, by extension, that there may well be yet higher or other dimensions we hardly know of—but the exposure to this would answer many of the seeming paradoxes we’ve come to notice in our cosmos—e.g., dark matter, dark energy, where does stuff go that enters black holes, and so forth. Quarks and sub-atomic dynamics and the paradoxes of quantum theory also apply to this question of dimensionality, because large and small are only features of the world with which we are most familiar.

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