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Depth Psychology Education

Originally posted on September 1, 2017

Psychology has been around for over a century, and it’s time we spread the word. Much of it has been mystified, but it shouldn’t be. A moment’s reflection—well, more than a moment for many of us–will reveal that we in our know-how-ing selves don’t even know what we do when we pee! I mean, there is a bunch of squeezing and letting go and we don’t even think about when to do which. Same with all kinds of bodily functions, making music, bike-riding, driving, any practiced activity. The sub-conscious really ought to be promoted to super-conscious, because it does it more smoothly and wiser than ever we could.

It’s time to teach people that we are not completely the puppets of our super-sub-conscious, but really mostly. Some  respect for our small-g-god within is due, along with all kinds of lessons about depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, and so forth. It’s time we made this a part of mainstream learning.

One Response to “Depth Psychology Education”

  • felicia white-meyers says:

    I’m right there with you. There may be some resistance from the limiting, rude, contolling, minimalist peanut gallery. You know the part of us that wants everything in 30 mins or less.The parts of us that prefer lude hand gesters and 5 word sentence full of explatives the express nothing but seems to be valued above all others that might express depth and thoughtfulness. The parts of us that don’t have time to understand and be understood.So quick to turn ours back excluding all diversity that dont agree with program. Only to turn around, after shouts of GET OUT if you don’t like it, and realize we are sooo sooo alone.

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