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Denouement 2

Originally posted on August 22, 2017

(Look it up for the meaning!). A French term used in drama to refer to the final scene. As Frank Sinatra sang, in his signature song, My Way, “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.” So I’m entering that phase, the denouement of my life: Tying up loose ends. Letting go of things I’m withdrawing from. I dreamed last night that I would prescribe some Valium for an acquaintance, and then woke up to realize I’d moved out of Texas, where I had been licensed, and so wasn’t able to prescribe any longer. Yet another blow (?)—reminder ?—relief ? I mused on my loss and realized it was trivial. I don’t prescribe for others—but prescribing had been part of my life for over 50 years!

It may take me a decade to tie together all of the strands. Look at all of them (click this link). In the olden days you couldn’t do that. You had to walk three miles in the snow up to your pupik (Yiddish for belly button) just to make a hyperlink out of tinker-toys. What? You don’t know what tinker-toys are? In my day… mufflegrump… (that was Ol’Fart complex speaking).
  My life has indeed been a trajectory, high productivity, many, many roles in different spheres. I am being led to ruminate, reminisce, think about stuff.  Joke about stuff. Play ol’fart sometimes. Play, “…to think, I did all that, and may I say, not in a shy way, “Oh, no; oh, no, not me: I did it THY way.”
   Please note I substituted Thy for My, because so many things I’ve been noticing are not just good fortune—though I’ve had plenty of that, thank you angels—but really “I”—the part of me that wills, directs, and am consciously “doing”—doesn’t do, in fact, more than a third of what comes through me, and less than a quarter of what happens to me! I’m being given to and the least I can do is to grant that it’s being done “thy’ way!

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  • Phil says:

    “The Drunkard’s Walk” by Leonard Mlodinow talks about randomness in life and how humans are not programmed to think randomly. So many of life’s decisions are made intuitively, maybe based on something or not. As I sit outside with my dogs, smoking a good cigar, sipping a good Tequila, waiting for Hurricane Harvey and watching North Korea ‘s failed middle launches, Can I still know “thy” way in the twilight of my life?

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