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Originally posted on September 10, 2017

I’ve worked out my own theology: The cosmos is structured somewhat like the triangular designs of the Sri Yantra, in expanding patterns of downward facing triangles met by upward facing ones.

In the middle is God, sort-of, a point. The next level out is the recognition that what we call the highest is multidimensional. In India, it’s the triangle, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu. The west has the trinity, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Other systems have a quadernity—four corners.

There’s also the sense of levels, a ladder, a hierarchy of levels, such as the system of Jewish mysticism, the Kabbala. They have the “Tree of Life” (Hebrew: Etz Khayim—or since the letter gutteral  kh is sometimes written in English as “Ch,” Chaim not tschaim)—thus metaphysics blurs over into linguistics, as categories are wont to do.

You might note that a higher dimension merely means more inclusive, rather than in any value sense “better.” Each level has it’s own aesthetic values and hierarches. A plane geometric proof is as aesthetically pleasing as a tree.

Mind, by the way, transcends levels, being able to experience aesthetic pleasure even at higher dimensions. Not necessarily better, though it may feel that way, but more encompassing. So back to theology and the Sri Yantra. Each level has its own sublime consciousness—partaking of a level higher, but mainly focused on phenomena at that level. Beauty, harmony, a measure of disharmony enough to be interesting.

Anyway, as I see it now, awaiting further input, if not in this lifetime, then by successive life-times, future people (or beings), it’s mainly useful to imagine a hierarchy of sublime levels of consciousness. The evolution of life and consciousness enables those who are conscious to imagine and maybe experience ever-higher levels, and to write about these. This begins to make sense out of philosophical writings in the last few centuries.

We are evolving even now. In some ways ever-faster. In some ways, because of the population explosion, “de-volving.” That is, visionaries are being mocked and overall respect for “wise men” (and women) is decreasing—at least for a while. That’s all for now.

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