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Dimensionality as New Perception

Originally posted on September 29, 2017

It has occured  to me that “Dimensionality,” might be thought of as a new angle on metaphysics, or what people used to call  “religion,” though of course I seek no converts. It notes that just as the third dimension adds dimensionality to the second dimension, and the fourth—time— adds dimensions of duration to space, so does consciousness add the dimension of “knowing” or even vaguely recognizing all that.

There is in addition, a 6th dimension of alternatives, “if,” the subjunctive, that humans share but animals, hardly if any.

The 7th dimension recognizes modes of thinking might be viewed as dimensions!

The 8th dimension is called “mystical” because most folks don’t understand it, but it—the 8th dimension—thinks about music, art, play, poetry and other dimen-sions! Thinks—intuits, not really thinking— about the whole idea that there are dimensions. It takes religions a step further, attending to the “yearning of the soul upwards” as poetry.

In truth, the lower 8th dimension only tops out what humans can do, and angels do 9th dimensional thinking (or whatever) easily, as well as higher 8th dimensional thinking. Daring to think that these might be related in the same way that the third dimension (or “reality”) is related to the second dimension is radical. It’s also limited, considering the way 9th dimensional beings “think.”

It’s all hypothetical, of course. It might be wrong in some key parts. I don’t see it, but humility in the face of what seems like a bright idea seems not only admirable, but not improbably justified.

It’s religious metaphysics only insofar as it implies higher dimensions that include our familiar dimensions; they merit surrendering to, although there are no significant myths (that yet occur to me), that have to be “believed in”—what a 6th dimensional idea!—nor rituals, nor a sacred book. Yet much of metaphysical and mystical philosophy alludes to this. The very idea of a hierarchy of levels of being, mentality, understanding, or the like, all support this general idea.

This metaphysical “understanding” (in quotes) realizes that understanding is limited, and is open to inspiration and ideas that were dismissed at the beginning as “just made up.”

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