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Dimensional Theology

Originally posted on June 12, 2018

I have a friend, a rabbi, who has chosen to work within the Holy Scriptures, and to "milk" them. He writes sermons about them and/or teachings of others about them. Of course he reads into these writings his own interpretations, scholarly confabulations, seeing in them what sincerely seems to be there.

He says, “As you become more conscious of the mind’s voice, you naturally realize a more inclusive awareness that contains the mind but is not limited to it. In your more restful state, you realize that you have a mind, but you are not limited to your mind. You can easily rest in an awareness far greater than your body and your mind.”

Stated somewhat mythically, although I was raised Jewish, went through a lengthy period of atheism, then found myself being drawn bask into a rather diffuse spirituality at a higher level (in my own thinking), I am a figurative  cell on the fingertip of God. But I muse on metaphysics. I muse on the idea that we transcend the third dimension. ( is my contribution. I don’t particularly want to convert anyone else, though. I am growing in my awareness that — again, mythically speaking—there are more dimensions in the cosmos than I can articulate. It is enough that I even glimpsed them.)

We are 3-D beings living in 4-d time, with 5-d minds, that reflect on having minds, and mind that reflect are sixtht dimension, and minds that reflect on the process of reflection in 7th dimen-sional. A few even reflect on reflections- and the process of mysticism that is 8th dimensional!

That mysticism includes those who know that’s not the end of the story and some few who glimpse that there are more levels.

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