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World of Almost-Real

The Elves in Your Selves

First of all, your sense of your self as one self is to some degree an illusion. There is an ongoing dynamic that ties all your roles together so that you feel like a single self, and this dynamic can be cultivated so that your integration is flexible. This dynamic can also be transcended and […]

The Gremlins

Related to my interest in fantasy characters, I was reading a book about the art of the cartoonist, Walt Kelly, who created the Pogo comic strip, I also noted that in the late 1930s and early 1940s he worked as a Disney artist. (The publishers of this book, Hermes Press, also do many other books […]

The Low-Down on the Higher-Ups

They aren’t really “higher,” or at least not in all ways. Rather, there are other dimensions, more than 4 dimensions. For example, I have a memory of a past life when I was an elf in Santa’s workshop  (level 9 row 4, choo-choo train assembly line. We elves were sooo excited to be part of […]

The Lowdown on “Flying Saucers”

My imaginative soul invites me to share with you the foollowing (sic. Which means: I meant to spell it that way) “truth” (note the quotation marks) as a form of tall tale:     Of course flying saucers are real, or almost-real, or seem to be real, or definitely appear in people’s minds. That’s mainly how […]

The Spectrum of Imaginative-ness

Imagination is a basic function of human mind, a definite human potentiality. Most folks hardly exercise it, because we’re taught to get real as we head off to school. Of late, we’ve come to value creativity, and imaginative-ness is a component. Imaginativeness operates in many dimensions, as does mind: Spirituality, dreams, the arts, every day […]

The Universe Next Door

Well, not exactly. One dimension over, sort of up and to the right, not that directions mean much in a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Nor is it one,  but infinite in numbers—but we’ll start with one. What? You thought this was the only reality??  Okay, that’s where you are. But for me and my kind […]

The World of Almost-Real

This is a fictional alternative dimension where I “live,” as do many cartoonists, novelists, and others who make up alternative realities. I “become” various characters, and enjoy the fiction that “they” are real and have chosen to “channel” through me. It is thus not me who writes some of these more far-out posts, it is […]

The World of Almost-Real: Some Introductory Notes

It’s less important that you believe this version of meta-reality than you be liberated by this example: Fairly mature people (like the author) can engage in what the psychoanalysts call “adaptive regression in the service of the ego” (or ARISE for short) and use this activity as a way to open their minds for fun […]

Trans-Dimensional Christmas Ornament

Dear Christmas Pal, I’m sending you a trans-dimension C’mas tree ornament, which you may choose to color with sparkle pens. It might be useful to appreciate the provenance of this drawing. It is a two-dimensional projection of a five-dimensional object that expresses the promise of the “star” over the tree. The tree is an arrow […]

Two-Thirds Human!

Yes, imagine that I am indeed 2/3 human! More, I’ve established credentials, so that makes me okay. All this is to compensate for the part that most folks don’t understand: I’m 1/3 elf. Now let’s just say that I have imagined myself in this fictional but meaningful story. I would daresay that whatever we imagine […]

Unpronounceable Phoneme

People who are confined by the anatomy of their mouths and sounds that are limited by the sound-spectrum in three dimensions miss out on so much. My angelic friends—those who dwell in 5-6 dimensions—love us but in an understanding way, “pity” us our limitations. This phoneme—rough translation for a building block of a process that’s […]

Working on My Magnum Opus

Working on My Magnum Opus: my great work, which may be titled “Dimension-ality.” It’s a summation of my several studies in psychiatry, process theology, new-age philosophy, transpersonal psychology, comparative religions, and bunches of other readings. It’s all coming out in a cartoon-doodle-illustrated book that’s mainly mandalas, but also an illustrated commentary as to how these […]