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Unpronounceable Phoneme

Originally posted on March 13, 2015

People who are confined by the anatomy of their mouths and sounds that are limited by the sound-spectrum in three dimensions miss out on so much. My angelic friends—those who dwell in 5-6 dimensions—love us but in an understanding way, “pity” us our limitations. This phoneme—rough translation for a building block of a process that’s 43% telepathic—contains resonances of meaning that most folks can’t “get” on this planet. Maybe with some LSD, but even then it might be “too much.”

The point is that symbols of meaning can indeed have resonances of depth, implications of other aesthetic elements, mixtures of feeling and hints at implications that our poor puny-human brains can’t access. (Well, a few mystics and psychotics have touched into these realms, but there’s no words for communicating them to others, nor for containing them within tolerable cognitive structures.) It’s a beginning, though, to know they’re there.

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