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Trans-Dimensional Christmas Ornament

Originally posted on December 16, 2013

Dear Christmas Pal,
I’m sending you a trans-dimension C’mas tree ornament, which you may choose to color with sparkle pens.


It might be useful to appreciate the provenance of this drawing. It is a two-dimensional projection of a five-dimensional object that expresses the promise of the “star” over the tree. The tree is an arrow tip pointing at the star. The star in turn is a shadow or projection of the deeper cosmic “star” force, which is an unfolding expression of the semi-divine unfolding. It’s a pulse of the One Mind into our three-dimensional world.

Notice that this diagram seems complex: These are resonances, echoes, the way a note vibrates many times. The theme has nine nodes, which represent a principle beyond mere balance: It is a dynamic unfolding that takes many forms, interacts in multiple ways—every other node, or every fourth node, or every fifth node.

That might be interpret-able by we humans as a deep freedom to design our lives within the matrix of the whole, the holy, the positive on-going-ness of the cosmos.

While Christmas celebrates the birth of the prophet who galvanized Christianity—i.e., Yeshua ben Yusuf—so too the winter solstice is a good symbol for the great turning of humanity away from selfishness and towards a recognition of our one-ness. There are resonances of Hanukkah as a celebration of new light, of Thanksgiving as, well, the place of giving thanks for all this Grace.

So that’s my Holiday dissertation. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a literary resonance to the picture.

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