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The Lowdown on “Flying Saucers”

Originally posted on January 14, 2014

My imaginative soul invites me to share with you the foollowing (sic. Which means: I meant to spell it that way) “truth” (note the quotation marks) as a form of tall tale:
    Of course flying saucers are real, or almost-real, or seem to be real, or definitely appear in people’s minds. That’s mainly how they work, through the mind dimension, which overlaps with space as much as time does. Mind overlaps with time, too. We travel to visit you in what appear to your minds to be “flying saucers.” Actually, as shown here, they have a rather complex structure.flyingsauc1
Flying saucers are vivid apparitions trying to get our attention. (Don’t ask me to explain all the equipment and details. I could confabulate them, but that’s off topic.) They are heralds of the parallel universe, the world of almost-real. They seek to make contact, for us to know they are indeed “there”—though on in a conventional space-time matrix. Here’s another example:

They come to check us out the way we check our gasoline or oil or battery water. If we do check those things. Sort of “How’re ya doin’?”  You must realize that these folks have been around for eons, thousands of millennia, so we are just really blossoming in the last five thousand years, though we’re far from “ripe” or (as we like to say, “civilized”). Not that we’re there. Civilization involves a maturation of kindness, civility, art, compassion, justice, and so forth that is as far from what we have today as our civilization is advanced over those who lived several thousands of years ago.

Flying saucer “people” or mind-life forms are formless, or shifting, like dream images, but for our purposes, they have taken some form so humans can apprehend them. We like to imagine form for our spiritual connections—it’s sort of archetypal. Here are some of the “guys” who travel “in” the flying saucers.

It helps to relate to them to have some connectedness. We’ve noticed people on your dimension tend to have bodily needs. We do too, though not technically “bodily,” but so as to build some rapport, here’s something:


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