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Foolin Around

Confabulations 17

Cosmic Soup Infinite Permutations In the cosmic soup at a certain level, it looks like what you see on the right. Each entity is only a projection of a multi-dimensional “being” (and Humans are hard-pressed to imagine even what such a “being” is like, much less conceive of dimensions other than their own three dimensions […]

Confabulations 19

A Book Report on Peter Rabbit Note: In 2009 I played the role of Linus in our Sun City Texas Theatre Club production of the 1969 Off-Broadway musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, based on the cartoon strip, Peanuts. I played Linus, and in the play several of us were asked to do a “Book […]

Confabulations 2

Edited by Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist (Part of Series on Textures of Reality—also known as: the Journal of {Very} Speculative Philosophy) Stop!! Don’t be decieved by my appearance. I am not — repeat — NOT— a clown! This is really the way I look! I have a very important message! You must believe me and take me […]

Confabulations 20

Multi-Dimensional Mind A conference I attended in late June, 2012 (The British Psychodrama Association Conference west of London) has as its theme Innovations and Integrations. What struck me about the design (above), which is fine, is that it draws on the metaphor of mechanism, clockworks, gears. Someone observed that the mind in its complexity tends […]

Confabulations 21

Implicate Orders The “Order” of the Universe There is a certain order in the cosmos that interacts with the order-ing functions of human minds to give a semblance of “out-there” order, but the more we look the more we find mystery and certain features that don’t exactly fit. Then we conscious beings need to go […]

Confabulations 22: Spectrums of Consciousness (I)

My son David just wrote a book titled Spectrums, and I highly recommend it. But I want to note an interesting thing: We seem to be in the middle, using our tools to extend our perception of what’s going on in all directions. It might be, theoretically, that we only appear to be in the middle […]

Confabulations 23

More Low-Down on the Higher-Ups Well, of course I can’t begin to begin to know a zillionth of what it’s all about, but I have managed to glimpse a peek: We all have a platoon of angels. Each person has a bunch. They are not completely like humans with clear boundaries. Using my special dimension-oscope, […]

Confabulations 25 Worldmaking

The cosmos unfolds, blossoms like a flower. It “manifests.” For decades I have been given pictures I’m am impelled to draw-doodle. They begin as a ritual, with some geometric forms, and then the muse gradually takes over and fills them in. Mandalas unfold. Technically, they are differentiated mandalaforms, because they don’t have the clean symmetry […]

Confabulations 26: The Cosmic Show

God isn’t that much a show-off, but the game is to extract the optimal degree of aesthetic enjoyment from anything. So it’s good do dance, to feel, but it’s also good a little to be seen. The size of the audience is a factor, but more, the willingness of the audience to appreciate. (As I […]

Confabulations 28

Essential Manifestation: Auxiliary Functions As said in Confabulations 25, the cosmos unfolds, blossoms like a flower. It “manifests.” In the pictures below this metaphysical (truly!) idea is diagrammed here below (click to enlarge): The center form is the main manifestation, a theme in many of my mandala drawings. Imagine very gradually poking a three dimensional […]

Confabulations 3

Welcome Hallo Dere, Mind-Expanding Friends, Phenomenal Phenomenologists, and the rest! Today, for your enjoyment, some more mind trips, mind-ticklers, mind-blowers, and mind-stretchers. My mission is twofold: One part of Adam Blatner is serious and wants to promote critical thinking, disseminate factual information, and develop the skillfulness of  self-management. Another part wants to promote the opposite—not […]

Confabulations 30

Metaphysical Imaginings Here’s a clue to understanding trans-dimensional mandalas: The problem with dimensionality is that humans are not only egocentric and ethnocentric, but they believe that they are the only intelligent beings in the universe (ha!); some even believe they’re the only life-form in a cosmos of hundreds of billions of galaxies (ha ha!); and […]

Confabulations 4: Unwrapping Reality in a Different Way

Let’s Get Started: Can you do that? I mean, unwrap reality? At all? Much less differently? The answer is why not? It’s sort of like unfolding an origami cootie-catcher in 6-dimensional space. You can then glimpse it—reality, that is—from different angles. For example, begin with, say, that star over there. Not that, that’s a floater […]

Confabulations 5: Trans-Dimensional Metaphysics 1

A Note on Translation: In the upper right is a picture of a vaguely Hebrew-like group of figures. In some dimensions, the sounds behind the sounds reflect certain vibratory energies that organize our world. In Sanskrit, the syllable Om and other syllables are believed to have that quality, and in mystical Judiasm the letters of […]

Confabulations 6

(Part of Series on Textures of Reality—also known as: the Journal of {Very} Speculative Philosophy) You Want Proof? You want hard evidence? How about the mathematical equation that explains it all? Well, you’re in luck: Here ’tis. Irrefutable, if I may say so myself. Or, to quote a denizen of Through-the-Looking-Glass Realm, Humpty Dumpty (Lewis Carroll was […]

Confabulations 7

Primal Forms: Their Anatomy and Physiology: An Introduction This is a topic that in truth is so complex that it would boggle a human mind right off its hinges. To begin with, we need a relative holistic view of the cosmos and its interpenetrating nature. Super-String Theory hints at the opening of the door. It […]

Confabulations 8: Problems in Translation

  Ineffability That word means you can’t actually put it into language. Fie and fiddlesticks, say I. I can try, to Dream the Impossible Dream—read those lyrics! Of course, as noted on the upper right, in the language of a sage from another planet—one who chooses to remain anonymous not because his name is unpronounceable, […]

Confabulations 9

What’s It All About? Well may you ask. Human minds are limited. Even when they’ll have evolved significantly (if we don’t extinct ourself—yes, let’s use the word extinct as a verb!), we’ll still be limited. Alas for dreams of grasping the whole and understanding it. I may allow for the idea that some few people […]

Confabulations Journal

Following on the previous blog, go to my website and browse my series of cartoon-illustrated personal fun “Confabulations: A Journal of (Very) Speculative Philosophy. (It turns out there is actually a journal of speculative philosophy so I had to add the “Very”!) My journal, so to speak, has been produced as a vehicle for the […]

Confabulations: The Series

If you search the word “confabulations” on this blog-site, you’ll find a number devoted to this word, and more are being added. These were also webpages on my website under the sub-heading of “Fooling around”.  Over time I will add more and transfer over others. How else but through play can I suggest possibilities for […]

Corpus Callosum (2)

The connection between the right and left brain was shown earlier and it has been revealed to me what was going through the mind of the subject at the moment. It was this: Funny little sunny little puny human brain. Pretty incredibly complex, but not so much to beings who are far more intelligent and […]

Cosmic Momma

Once in a while Zordak sends me a picture to mull on. This one I’ve been considering for a while (some years) and then she revealed the deeper meaning to me (I think). This is a mythical figure from Zordak’s universe—you know, the parallel one. There are infinite numbers of universes (as far as our […]

Counting Mistakes

There are parts of life where mistakes really do count, they make a difference. Part of this then involve a ready willingness to get quick feedback about what the mistake was and be willing to correct it. For many people this is undercut by tests in which you only learn (much later) your score, implying […]

Creation Recreation

I remember seeing a little sign of a cute kid looking kind of vulnerable and the caption said, “Please be patient; God isn’t finished with me yet.” And it recently occurred to me that this applies not just to an individual child as it develops, but the whole human species. Indeed, in an act of […]

Creativity Expansion

The creative arts therapies come  out of the healing traditions; and like psycho-drama (in which I’m involved), what they’re aiming for goes way beyond the sick role. The sick role is the idea that one is well and the other is sick and creative expression would be healing. But creativity need not assume anything wrong […]