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Confabulations 22: Spectrums of Consciousness (I)

Originally posted on November 22, 2012

My son David just wrote a book titled Spectrums, and I highly recommend it. But I want to note an interesting thing: We seem to be in the middle, using our tools to extend our perception of what’s going on in all directions. It might be, theoretically, that we only appear to be in the middle because more and less is relative to us. David did not tackle the problem of consciousness, which, I have been reliably (?) informed, also operates in the cosmos to a far greater and far lesser degree. Lesser we can gather, but more? What could be more than us? (Adolescent-like pride!) Answer: A whole lot!

I have a platoon of angels working on my case—and so do we all, interestingly enough—because the cosmos requires that we play our parts well even as our bodies require all of our various organs to work. We—our “human” consciousness, individually and collectively, may be a humble part, but still a functioning, meaningful part of the Greater Wholeness or the All-Pervasive Unknowable, or God, or Source, or Purpose, or whatever you call it.


Angelic Letters

So one of my angels has volunteered for translation duty, explaining things to me about what’s what, the low-down on the higher-ups, how angels work, etc. Of course we can’t begin to understand any more than trying to explain immunology to a crying 3 year-old who doesn’t want a “shot.” But their loving mercy is that they do try.

The problem is partly that angelic thinking is so advanced, so very far and complex from ours, that it cannot be fully translated. But because we want it, we’ll try again.

To the right above is a typical angelic “letter”—understanding that this is the closest example of a multi-dimensionally complex form that might be imagined to be the rough equivalent to what functions as a letter within the process of writing and reading as it has evolved as a tool for humanity’s thinking and reflecting in the last 5000 years. Below are three other “letters.”.

The Angelic Letter “Flow”

We love you!

We Blow You a Kiss

I have realized that many of the mandalas I have drawn have been inspired angelic messages, sometimes involving more than one letter or syllable, although that idea again must be acknowledged to be a word-symbol, a “letter” being equivalent to a basic idea-thought-form that may well be combined with other thought-forms.

Shadows On the Wall

What we are living in and with are ideas, experiences, laws, principles, theories about descriptions of things that exist and operate in three-dimensions plus time. What we do not yet even in the postmodern world recognize is that Plato was right when he talked about the Allegory of the Cave: That what we think of as “reality” is but shadows on the wall. (also google the images that diagram this.) And if someone would come forwards and look at the wall up close and analyze these shadows and announce to the rest of us, “Hey, these are just shadows!”, no one would have the foggiest idea what he or she was talking about. What do you mean shadows? They move, don’t they? They appear as recognizable forms, right? What are you talking about?

These essays are efforts to playfully describe the deep truth of what seems most deeply false to us—that some illusions are real—but yet cannot become real until they are co-created by our own minds. There is no absolute “there” there that will seem the same to any two minds. Once you get it, it starts to become clear. But the promise of further mental liberation is offered to those who have the courage to dare to imagine, will, create, surrender, and allow it to unfold!

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