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Confabulations 4: Unwrapping Reality in a Different Way

Originally posted on April 18, 2011

Let’s Get Started:

Can you do that? I mean, unwrap reality? At all? Much less differently?

The answer is why not? It’s sort of like unfolding an origami cootie-catcher in 6-dimensional space. You can then glimpse it—reality, that is—from different angles. For example, begin with, say, that star over there. Not that, that’s a floater in your eye. Okay, that. See, up there on the right?

Okay, here on the left is a modest close-up. Notice the fractal texture, worlds within worlds. That’s how things go in 6-D ‘”space.”  At 6-D, by the way, space is transcended, but we have to use it to transmit even a hint of what we’re talking about to your eyes-brain.

Of course you’re not going to be satisfied with that! You say, “Yes, but what IS it? It’s a universette, my friend. And it has many aspects. For example, not that one can do a cross-section in 6-D transpace but, well, try this:

Notice the yantroid diagrams, vibrating triangular energy fields. Yes, you may have noticed how they are somewhat like the Shree Yantra featured on other websites, because those figures are psychically intuited as validly reflecting the archetypes of interpenetrated, as perceived by the minds of 3-D beings. There are a number of these creatures in the cosmos and this general image will become one of the ways you can signal to beings with very different bio-mental compositions—as long as they are 3-D for the most part. (You should recognize that to the degree that you follow what I’m describing, even roughly, you, too, are not entirely limited by your 3-D bio-perceptive illusions. Ain’t direct intuition grand?)

Okay, now zoom in on the aster-oid-oid-oid vibration above and notice that you begin to discern more complex patterns. You could magnify and even color these multiple universes within universes. You see, from the 6-D level, we all do live in slightly different universes—all sentient beings—over six billion just on this planet—and semi-sentient have also slight different universes… and so forth. You’d think there’s no room, but there’s plenty of room—the way zillions of bits can be encapsulated into a small volume in cyberspace—.

The thing is to recognize that reality is as finely textured as a meadow with a swirling brook bordered by a rich forest with mountains behind under an interestingly clouded sky and populated with innumerable fauna. Any attempt to capture this in art would do it the severe disservice of oversimplification. But, well, what tha heck, what you gotta do ya gotta do. So here’s the skinny.

It’s glorious, really. In each cosmos there are forces tumbling, interpenetrating, generating innmerable permutations. Here is a diagram—I told you that diagraming doesn’t do justice to what we’re trying to communicate, but we do what we can… Perhaps if I explain it with a caption in a double-improvised hyro-threcian script?

Ah, says you, “I want to know more.” Okay, a couple more slices and levels. The point is that these explorations are un-ending. They evolve also with your desire, your dream-like capacity to generate worlds within worlds. Now you  can see these permutations:
The structures involved are geometric flows, shifting among the numerological potentials. Sometimes 4, 6, 7, 9, and others. These are for want of a better metaphor, the “bone crystals” of ontological potential, the structures that make everything so organically formed and inter-dependent:

Bone Crysal 3

Bone Crystal

 Shree Yantrex

And this is only one of a near infinity of versions. Understand?  Oh, okay, for readers of the other kind:


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