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Confabulations 3

Originally posted on August 30, 2010


Hallo Dere, Mind-Expanding Friends, Phenomenal Phenomenologists, and the rest! Today, for your enjoyment, some more mind trips, mind-ticklers, mind-blowers, and mind-stretchers. My mission is twofold: One part of Adam Blatner is serious and wants to promote critical thinking, disseminate factual information, and develop the skillfulness of  self-management. Another part wants to promote the opposite—not so much unskillful thinking as moving over and cultivating the ability of the right brain to imagine deeply and flagrantly, to sharpen intuitional perceptiveness, to open minds to creative flows, and stuff like that. This journal is more into the right-brain, if you didn’t guess it pretty well by now.


Of course this is all nonsense. Science fiction silliness. Please don’t burn me at the stake.   (But just maybe there’s a spark of something valid here, a glimmering of awareness, the truth that dare not speak its name…)

Beyond String Theory

On the left is a section of the quintic Calabi-Yau three-fold (3-D projection). (I don’t know what that means! ) It’s a delicious reminder that there are people probing frontiers that leave me gasping for air, bamfoozled, densed-out. It’s a little invigorating, brings out the sense of child-like wonder. Waay too big for my little mind. And yet these are human beans messing with this stuff. I become vaguely aware that there are thousands of such mind-stretching frontiers beyond my otherwise reasonably well-schooled mind. I hear the verses from the Scarecrow’s song in The Wizard of Oz, “If I Only Had a Brain.”

So, anyway: Contemporary Physics has limited itself by assuming that there is no mind in nature, no purpose or lure towards value. Its theory of causality is essentially materialistic. Yet it continues to come up with phenomena that stretch it. Some physics theorists have speculated on the idea that what accounts for the variety of forces and particles are “string-like” vibrational somethings that involve 10 or 11 dimensions and are as far, far smaller than sub-atomic particles. The problem is obvious: Once one starts hypothesizing more than 4 dimensions, one opens a pandora’s box about what those dimensions consist of. In other universes that don’t have this (temporary) neurotic block against mind—lest mind be personified as a rule-making patriarchial god—there is an emotional reaction against the threat of superstitious traditionalism— it flees, represses, denies, turns away from the idea completely. The idea that it’s all god, it’s all mind, and matter, and energy, and pattern, and, and, just is inconceivable, which to these small-minded scientists (though brilliant in some ways) is too threatening.


So strings may be one-dimensional projections of the activities of n-dimensional space-time. For humans in the 21st century that’s about as complex as they can get—sort of cartoon-diagrams of reality. While humans can indeed cultivate flights of genius, at their best they’re held back by not only worldview, but the limitations of their receiving organ, their antennae-equivalents, their complex brain. There are beings whose minds are far more complex than ours. (Hint: Remember what used to be a fabulously expensive and complex invention fifty years ago, a computer, and how that complexity and power has expanded since then. Times a million? Can’t imagine it.)  One must therefore resort to the more cultivated forms of poetic imagination, which might yield some interesting results—perhaps may actually be useful. My hunch is that a broader theory that really includes the mind in its richness will deepen our science, religion, and philosophy. That’s the edge I’m promoting in this playful way. Then again, maybe not.

Neo-Mayan and Other Elaborate Writing Systems

To the right is a sample of what I call “neo-mayan,” a pseudo-writing system designed to communicate otherwise ineffable truths to those who are wise enough to be able to comprehend such great mysteries without it vaporizing their minds (see right). Writing systems are one of my hobbies, and more can be read about that on other webpages. But I also think that there might be the equivalent of writing systems devised by other more complex beings. I have been intrigued especially with the Mayan writing system, because as far as I can gather, there’s a lot of room for artistic variation and elaboration by the scribe. What a concept! We’re beginning to play with this as we multiply the variety of legible typefaces, fonts, sizes, and other things with the Roman alphabet—this one you’re reading now. Calligraphy expands this also. But then I veer off and wonder about what certain high-level thought complexes might entail, and how would they be represented in a format that could allow them to be reviewed, re-considered, varied, edited, commented on—all of this representing one set of advantages of writing. (Writing has disadvantages, too, even though our culture and many if not most cultures now value literacy—which means knowing how to read, at least, and perhaps write, in one’sown language.)

So in this picture on the upper right: What might be the message? What if it needed to be read somewhat in the same way that we interpret dreams? (And what if in a few centuries we learn to interpret dreams ten times better than we know how to today?)  It is often difficult to communicate the deepest insights of sentient life forms in other universes. Sometimes we have to just let them say it as they can, in their own words, so to speak. Of course, much is lost in translation: Nuance, the transdimensional equivalents of voice tone or facial expression, pacing, etc. Writing has a tendency to collapse the richness of 3-D space + time multi-modality into two dimensions, so you can imagine what it must do to the communications of beings that transcend 3-D space + time!   Still, these messages speak to those aspects of your unconscious that may have some rapport with them, perhaps from a past life.  (Our past lives include not just one human life at a time, but many soul-fragments from many planets or realms.)

On this planet, the gestures are expressed spontaneously, inspired by or, dare we say, possessed by the spirits of the muses, whose heart-dancing-body seeks to express ever-more refined sensibilities.

Among the Dimensions

“All Threen Up”

Pizzles Maculating (but not very well)

The first exercise in developing your imagination is to engage in a type of science-fiction, imagine beings on other planets—oh, there are so many books and journals that make these creatures 3-dimensional carbon-based-like forms, with some variations—so let’s push it, go to other universes in which the laws of physics apply only in modified ways.

For example, there is the world that reveals a deep truth: There is a spectrum of ability. Here on the left  is a picture of Pizzles in the process of maculating, but as you can see, they’re not doing it very well. Perhaps there are more practiced athletes of this dynamic that we weren’t able to find in our dimensionoscope. (More about the dimensionoscope elsewhere.)

While on the left you may find through psychic inter-dimensional clairvoyance, an example of a more herd-like life form, one that partakes of that aspect of social life that enjoys inter-connections, holistic community. In fact, they make a game of it. On the right is a view of those folks “all threen up.”

Some beings are elusive. On our planet, we call them by many names: fairies, elves, sprites, “little people,” and so forth. Sensitive people can intuitively perceive them in a vague way and then fill in their half-sensed perceptions with anthropomorphic projections. In this other universe, some sentient forms perceive them thus:

The Verisimilitude of Dreams

What a wonderful word, “Verisimilitude,” meaning that whatever is going on really seems real, verified! Seems. Dreams usually have this quality, and it keeps us coping as we evolve from one bizarre situation to another. It doesn’t occur to us that whatever is going in is “only a dream.” The point here is that we have a deep instinctual mechanism and need to rest and dream and the deep psyche will do what it needs to to keep us literally hypnotized—in the sense that hypno- refers to a kind of sleep.


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