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I turned eighty a month ago, and recently I was reminded of the word, “maturity.” Wow! I realized that in some ways I might be labeled “immature,” though I hereby declare myself mature enough.  I confess that I pushed the “underside” of maturity, almost being too immature. I’ve also reformed or redefined it, and now […]

A Central Texas “Dragon”

In this Chinese Year of the Dragon, my wife noticed that our region of the Texas Hill Country features a living (?) river dragon of considerable size, also known as “Lake Travis.” But look! So I looked and sure enough. Well, I just had to tell you! With a little more rain it’ll get fleshier. […]

A Contemplation on Faith

I was moved by a plot of a short story, The Toynbee Convector, by the very poetic science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, whose writings I really liked when I was in my teens almost sixty years ago. Written in 1983, this story has some passages that I want to note: The story begins with a […]

A Poetic Heart

Sometimes cartoonists say it well. This old Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury cartoon features an old lady and her love—and he’s a bit of a poet—and illustrates how it’s so great that my darling Allee enjoys my occasional turn of phrase. It’s also an expression of our life in that the details of what’s achieved make less […]

About the Fear of Death and Speculations on “the Afterlife”

Someone read this blog and asked me what I thought about the fear of dying and theories of the afterlife. I don’t know much, but I enjoy thinking, so here are some thoughts: I think a lot of the fear of death comes from the fear communicated to young children by parents and others who […]

Action Explorations: The Field

This field involves improvisation, enactment, insight, and collaborative creativity. Insight involves bringing that which is hardly admitted even to oneself into explicit expression in the group. It helps people be more conscious, to include more within their critical capacity. In turn, that allows people to update old and obsolete attitudes, immature thought patterns, habitual reactions, […]

Adam’s Photo (try again)

Adding Depth Psychology to the Collaboratory

There’s a new web network HASTAC—humanities, arts, sciences, technology, “Advanced Collaboratory.” Collaboratory? What a great word! Anyways, I thought I’d join and try to play with some of those folks (maybe you?) I wrote on my blog there: I notice you don’t have a category for depth psychology. While rather far from Freud in most […]

Awesome! No Problem!

The desk clerk was a young man who responded to matter-of-fact arrangements being made at a hotel with such phrases, instead of saying “okay,” “good,” or “yes, Ma’am.” It’s strange when young people say “awesome” to describe fortunate but really rather mundane events. Or when something has evidently been a big problem, but they work […]

Behind the Eyelids

Sometimes, more when I’m half-in-dream, the patterns I “see” with my eyes are closed are complex and slightly changing. Here’s a hint. I’m motivated to represent this density of imagery in my art—it represents the nature of the mind. The slight shift into recognizable text near the bottom hints at a related phenomenon: The rapid […]

Bibliodrama and Noah’s Ark

I just found out about a story, “In the Shadow of the Ark,” by Anne Prevoost, who explores the Noah story from the viewpoint of those not chosen to be saved. It strikes me as a good warm-up to a group process of Bibliodrama, exploring through improvised enactment the story, and adding comments by those […]

Broadening Horizons of Psychotherapy

I’ve been reading Brent Willock’s, Comparative-Integrative Psychoanalysis: A Relational Perspective fro the Discipline’s Second Century (New York: The Analytic Press, 2007). Great book—erudite, and significant in its purpose: We should consider more how it is time (theoretically and practically) to get past the era of competing “schools” of analysis (e.g., the object relations, self-psychology, neo-Freudian […]

Collaborative Creativity through Psychodrama

The drawing below represents my vision of the way people can join in co-creating a more loving and joyous universe. Although two people are shown, and the symbol of encounter is between them, really any number can co-create. They are different—they offer their own angles on whatever is in formation. There is a playful liberation […]


Not only are my writings ambiguous, but they also become complex. This means that I’m aware that there may be seeming inconsistencies that make what I write confusing. It is confusing at a lower level that cannot understand paradox. Some people perceive this as elitist. Many people can not think this way. Since the human […]

Confabulations 11: Jus’ Cruisin’ Among the Sparkelplenties

This is a Calabi-Yau diagram of the 10 dimensions of space that are involved in string theory. There are sub-atomic physicists  who really mean this! About Cruisin’ Perhaps other-dimensional beings should be about more momentous projects, intentional operations. That UFOs should be jus’ cruisin’ around the way you kids did in your hot rods fifty […]

Creativity Stimulation

There’s a new technology that derives from drama and theatre, and more particularly improvised theatre. Its goal is creativity stimulation. We’ve been building creativity for a few centuries, and in the last few generations promoting creativity itself has become a goal. Now we have a technology for it:   1. Get people together sharing and […]


Contemporary nanotechnological research is also being conducted by transdimensional "scientists" (there is a problem with this term, because transdimensional science recognizes that creative thoughtforms participate in the co-construction of reality, whereas your culture in its present paradigmatic worldview (redundant?) thinks reality is objective and not subjective. (Ho ho ho says one of our Santa-Claus-like sprite […]

Enhanced Simulations

Enhanced Simulations is a more complex form of role playing. It’s a response to the challenge of “teaching” in the face of the sheer complexity of systems. You can’t just teach—students will interpret too much in their own way. You’ve got to do a kind of role play and see how they understand and apply […]

Evil—Reconsidering the Problem

There are several kinds of evil. One is mere misfortune that may even be the acts of many people colluding in a venture that fails, such as some of the economic “bubbles” that have afflicted Europe and America for several centuries. Another involve “acts of God” that are really Mother Earth—Gaia—who hardly knows humans exist, […]

Expanding Ur Life

For those who might want to enjoy and expand their perspectives, check out the other web-blog postings on this site. (For those as busy as my wife, never mind. Who has time?) For those who are in-between and want something more substantial than the boob tube to stimulate their mind, I volunteer to be your […]

Fruit of the Soul

I like mandalas, and this one by Leslie Kell titled “Fruit of the Soul” appeared on the cover of a little magazine titled Austin All Natural in August, 2012. The lower figure shows an enlarged view of the center of this piece. Lovely, and I want to acknowledge Ms? Kell as one of many who […]

Good versus Evil

Ah, that it were that simple. Of course “we” are the good guys—or at least that’s how most folks think: “Or at least we are defending “our” superior way of life against “them.” They can be hostile aliens bent on world domination and/or just eating us; terrorists or merely subversives; degenerate people in our own […]

Hell: A Helluva Concept

Speaking from the role of child psychiatrist, I think the concept of hell is a form of emotional abuse no less than beating a child with the buckle of a belt or a stick is physical abuse. It is a nasty, unnecessary idea that is part of a culture that reared children primarily through the […]

How My Mind Works

I got into a mental eddy: I took off on the word, “akimbo,” and my wife looked it up on Wikipedia. The etymology of the word was expounded and I found myself fascinated with how uninterested I was in this information. Apparently there are many people, however small the percentage, who care about etymology. And […]

Humans and Machines

I want to consider the idea of humans and machines: I don’t want to be too quick to dismiss the value of machines—they are tools that extend human potentials. That in many ways our society is infused with machines, computers, robots, etc. is not the problem—nor that it is likely to become more so. The […]