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Confabulations 11: Jus’ Cruisin’ Among the Sparkelplenties

Originally posted on August 16, 2011

This is a Calabi-Yau diagram of the 10 dimensions of space that are involved in string theory. There are sub-atomic physicists  who really mean this!

About Cruisin’

Perhaps other-dimensional beings should be about more momentous projects, intentional operations. That UFOs should be jus’ cruisin’ around the way you kids did in your hot rods fifty years ago—well, that’s kinda tacky. Or adolescent? Actually, perhaps, it’s more of a spaceship-engine-assisted nature walk. So the human association of major exploratory travel has its own prjections. In general, your people tend to see this all as a big deal, but for us it’s just interdimensional travel as usual, closest in image translation to teenagers cruisin in their souped-up cars. We’re not teenagers, or maybe we are—it’s hard to say, cosmically, the whole universe being of a certain age, as one might put it.

But anyway, here’s the deal:

We enjoy cruisin’,  which is our term for traveling among the dimensions. It’s a friendly, social kind of activity. Here’s the key point, to be made again later: There are many dimensions, or whole categories of dimensions, besides time, space, matter or energy. Music is a dimension, and so is mathematics. Play and humor juggles among different dimensional elements, surprising and delighting you.

You also live among many dimensions and this is part of what is so exquisite. When you realize that you are another kind of juggler-weaver dancing among your life roles as parent and spouse, friend and child to your parent, club member and spiritual pilgrim, customer and performer, and so forth!  With this preparation:

In the picture to the right, there are several features of note:

In the upper right hand corner is a projection of the dimensions as projected into 2-dimensional space, from an isometric view that suggests three-dimensional interrelations of the relevant dimensions.

The various rocket ships partake of a sort of Buck Rogers style space ship portrayal of the early part of last century, with wings and thrusters and cockpits and all that. Of course this is a totally stylized portrait because the “vehicles” for beings that can travel inter-dimensionally are quite inconceivable, impossible to present.

Indeed, the variety of universes are similarly “ineffable,” unable to be expressed in words or even diagrams. Yet some of their features are loosely translated to suggest the variety and interplay of aspects—that word may be the closest—aspects—

At the bottom near the middle there is another device that seeks to translate inter-dimensional space into that which could remotely be portrayed as a sort of two-dimensional portrait. Alas, it hardly does the job and may add to the confusion.

As you can see, the “guys” are “cruisin” among the dimensions.

It is a form of looking and also being seen by others—the mind does not give up the theme of performance and audience, as indicated by the images of different types of rocket ships—sort of analogous to different looking hot  rod cars in the mid 1950s.

Your world has been in a phase of de-personalizing so mcuh—animals, nature, but consider—or, get used to—this. Everything—-stars, galaxies, comets, space dust emptiness, everything is in its own way “alive”—but operating at very different time transitions. Humans can’t conceive of how fast atoms “live”—-and electrons even faster—but in a same way, time is relative and the life and death of stars over billions of years is for them an experienced lifetime.

Of course this boggles your mind. It’s supposed to. This is God talk!

Mind pervades the cosmos at many levels, and just as there are levels of big and tiny, so are there levels of divine emergence. Humanity is quite young and positioned not far from the middle of all these divergencies.

Human mind’s job is to evolve to begin to appreciate all life, and to learn how to integrate all the different and seemingly incompatible elements all over the cosmos. It may require thousands of more years of evolution to do this, but now’s a good time to start—a time when you can get the idea—if you can even consider what I’m saying here—that all this is indeed what it’s all about!

First we got to get our coordinates:  This requires very higher-order navigational skills, because:

Major Truths About Human Mind-Dimensions

Generate a theme…

Ordinary human minds cannot juggle these well, but highly evolved minds can: What is needed is the skill in navigating among

  • overlapping boundaries and often fuzzy, vague, or non-boundaried whatevers
  • flagging attention, sometimes distracted by multi-tasking
  • alertness fluctuations, drowsy, caffeinated, or otherwise artificially stimulated
  • playfulness as lubricant
  • vague associations of certain words or images with residual, nonrational memories, emotional states
  • tendency to get diluted by hunger, needing to pee, flea bites or other itchies, thirst, too hot, cold, lonely, loud… and these are just issues for human-type sentients
  • many, many skips and slides of logic, slips of the tongue or fingers, temptations and lazy shortcuts
  • and miscellaneous foibles, frailties and glitches—plus the interference of various imps and gremlins
  • …as a result of which, all bets are off.


And Now, a Word from Our Sponsors

Hola Adamo!

… then, you gotta hone in on which universe you’re going to visit…
Then there’s a maneuver that is best translated as “untangling”—your kind may not understand this for another thousand years…

Hey Adam!

It’s us!

What do you mean, “Us who?”

Us, your buddies, your pals, your fellow dimension-mates.

We thought we’d just drop by (as best we could) and hang out wif y’all. (Excuse us, we’re trying to get your language right, dialect, etc.—and there’s a special place on our dial just for “Texas” )

Yes, us, in that other universe. Oh thaaat universe, yeah, like you hardly remember where you came from, boy, an’ to whence you will proceed after your work on this planet is finished…

Yeah, well, they have finally caught on that there “might” be multiple universes, infinite numbers of ‘em, and how right they are if they only knew…

We’re over there…no, down one.. No, you’re pointing at Never-Never land! Down! Yeah, to the right. Close, but that’s never-everland, and over a little more, Nether-Netherworld, yeah, well, a little up now. That speck… ?    well, it’s a universe to us!

Anyhoo, as in the picture above, we’ve been cruisin’ in our hot-rods as you call them—there’s no earth-language translation for inter-dimensional cruisin’ you know, so we have to make our translation devices… uh… work “overtime”—whatever that means. Oh, it has to with time?  Fabulous concept! Not that we can figure it out, but it sounds, uh, fabulous.

And we thought we’d drop in on you and deliver this mettle (shown on left) from our grand high pooh-bah, hunky-do of the universe. This is a very highly decorated personage. And we wanted you to know that as our due representative to Earth— what? You didn’t know your were an ambassador?  No one told you this?   Oh, yeah.  Well, that should explain a lot, shouldn’t it? I mean, your little peculiarities, as they might be thought of there?

Anyway, here’s the official mettle. We’re very proud of you. Doin’ a good job. Hang in there. And I personally crafted this little other mettle. When we say, “to be on your mettle, or meddle, however you spell it—spelling is so weird—then you’ll know perhaps more what we mean…

And these pictures are to remind you of the fun we used to have and will have again after your duty assignment to the Earth-people is through…

By the way, do not use this line:
” ‘Mad’ they say? They think me mad, do they? Well, I’ll show them who’s mad! Mmbwahahahahaha!”

This form of expression, especially if you’re wearing a white lab coat and carry a gleam in your eye, tends to evoke unpleasant reactions from those about you.

Just a word of advice, you understand. Other than that, carry on, ol’ buddy! Hi-yo-Tellurium!”

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