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Behind the Eyelids

Originally posted on July 31, 2013

Sometimes, more when I’m half-in-dream, the patterns I “see” with my eyes are closed are complex and slightly changing.


Here’s a hint. I’m motivated to represent this density of imagery in my art—it represents the nature of the mind. The slight shift into recognizable text near the bottom hints at a related phenomenon: The rapid shift into relative awake-ness and the corresponding forgetting of what came before, even though the dream might have been somewhat vivid—even compelling. Certain fragments may remain, but most disappear. What’s that about?

It also occurred to me that the density of imagery might be oppressive or unpleasant to some, whereas it’s pleasurable to me. Is that even so? Is there a way to measure and compare density and intensity of imagery or thought-forms operating in the brain, and whether that’s experienced as pleasant or not?

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