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“Quantum” Consciousness

Originally posted on July 27, 2018

I’ve had a brilliant idea and I forgot it…maybe for awhile, maybe forever. We’re two old farts, my wife and I…and we had really good ideas….and then forgot them while we had yet other ideas.  I’m reminded of a song from my adolescence—“Sh’Boom” —in the mid-1950s—about dreams. What if we are indeed dreaming this, but one quantum level more vividly“

“Quantum” is a funny word. It refers to something so tiny as to be infinitesimal yet there’s something here: There are no fractional quanta. It refers to electron orbits or energy levels—there’s no partial quanta. Either one or two or three—no two and a half! Can grosser states of mind exist as quanta? You either remember it or you don’t?

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