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Amateur Theologian

Originally posted on March 14, 2018

I am that, too, in addition to a previous list of the many things I do. I also make up universes and reflect on our own. And I am aware that my reflections on our own universe are also made up, but just maybe a little less made up. In other words, I do theology of a sort. I am not arrogant enough to presume to have any but the most primitive thoughts about the all-ness of everything. I’m more like a puppy. Would this qualify me for the status of amateur theologian? At least I ask the questions!

But part of that is to be aware of my limitations—at a mid-point in history, on a small planet in a solar system on the edge of a big ol’ galaxy, one of billions (if our pictures of space are at all accurate). There may well be other dimensions, too!  I am aware of many ideas about the cosmos, but I don’t allow the fact that I haven’t gotten it all wrapped up neatly inhibit me: I speculate! (How dare I? We dare. Indeed, my sense is that God gets a kick out of it!) The point is that I live at a certain point in mid-evolution, with perspectives limited to my distant and even recent past. This includes a book on Quantum Theology, by Diarmid O’Murchu. And a book by Lynnclaire Dennis. And other stuff.

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