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Originally posted on January 25, 2018

Paul Jackson in the UK writes: Leaders know that an improvisational mindset helps fuel the practices of many of the most successful companies, especially in Silicon Valley. Leaders frequently reference their impro training, and they bring improviser in to help with management development, team-work and strategy. I’ve been hired by Google, for example, to set up a creative atmosphere for a week of innovative projects, and recently ran a couple of improvised story-telling sessions at Disney Animations in LA.

So let’s dispel three myths.
    (1) You have to perform:  No, most improvisation takes place off-stage and is about people using the materials to hand to solve problems in innovative ways. In French they call it bricolage.
    (2) You have to be funny:  No, again! You are using your adaptive skills to be creative. Some-times it’s funny and sometimes not. And it’s not about you as an individual, it’s almost always a collaborative effort, in which we are building on each other’s ideas.
    (3) It’s an excuse for winging it.  No, improvisers aren’t about winging it. But they know that it’s rare for everything to go according to plan. They are ready with skills to apply when the plan is no longer working. Respond fast, adapt and create something worthwhile. Are you prepared for the unexpected?

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