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Whassup (Early 2018)?

Originally posted on January 30, 2018

I’m doing my last edited book on non-psychotherapeutic applications of psycho-dramatic methods, which are really just the application of the technology of “enhanced” simulations to psychotherapy. The enhancement comes from the technique of the “double” (or “voice over”) which allows the audience to know what the role players are thinking or saying to themselves.

I’m growing in my awareness that this is maybe my last decade! I’ve become aware that my motivation to re-engage in square dancing or folk dancing has dis-appeared. I did them for over twenty-five years. I still have some interest in ballroom dancing. Walking with Allee around town, winding down, I’ve noticed my reduced need to have so many involvements.

I’m working on the aforementioned anthology, and also a cartoon-illustrated explication of a trans-rational, possibly silly, description of our “neighboring” world (one or two dimensions over). There are (by the way) an infinite number of neighboring realms, some of which you plug into in your dreams!

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