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“Another Lens on Reality”

Originally posted on January 29, 2018

That’s how the later Ursula LeGuin described her work. I don’t claim to know what sense she had of her line, but if we expand “reality” as a concept to include every-one, and then include everyone to include the sentient life forms such as the snake-people on the fifth planet circling the giant start Betelgeuse—don’t laugh; who knows?—then that’s a whole lot of everyone’s.

So what if tere are snake-people on that planet, and also beings in whole other dimensions? That’s pretty “heavy”—to use a term from the 1970s (earlier?) for having extensive and profound implications—, that’s pretty weird, but, hey, maybe. Couldn’t be, you say. Or maybe, could be. The real question is, “Dare we imagine?”

Well, I dare, and I’m a highly educated fellow! Highly accredited by professional Boards! A “psychiatrist” no less, supposedly an authority about what’s crazy or not. But to be honest, I am not sure, except to say that those are pretty sure are… well, not crazy so much as limited. To consider that many people might find your thinking crazy isn’t crazy.

Anyway, the aforementioned ideas are imaginative, yes. Probably not true. My excuse is that I read a lot of science-fiction as a lad. So maybe so, kinda. But not “I believe.” Of course, there are lots of people—most people—who believe devoutly! Funny word, that: Devoutly.

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