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I Get To!

Originally posted on February 24, 2016

I feel privileged to be trusted with doing the laundry and the dishes. These chores appeal to a simple part of me that express my willingness to help. But I also get to do so much more!
  – sing songs that I’ve loved from childhood, such as “It’s a Grand Night for Singing,” etc. I’ve enjoyed singing in the chorus for almost 18 years. Wow! Before that I held Song Fests for the nascent community as it was building up. Before that I hosted song fests a couple times a year for the previous many years.
  – dance dances that I know, and I’m getting okay at ballroom dancing (some 65 years), square dancing 22 years, folk dancing (on and off for 40 plus years), round dancing 18 years… lotta fun.
  – draw cartoons all my life, it seems. At least 70 plus years.
  – philosophize about the Cosmos, or maybe just fantasize.

I get to so many things. I get to help Allee and be helped by her and enjoy what in my Oxytocin-saturated mind is the sweetest most beautiful and lots of other mosts in the world, maybe the universe herself. I get to be a pal and have some pals.

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