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But It Seems So Compellingly Real

Originally posted on February 11, 2016

This takes off from previous blog posts. It combines dimensional perspectives and numinour verisimilitude. These may be thought of as deriving their compelling-ness because mind operates on many levels simultaneously:
– It can experience things as more or less, as if on a spectrum: One Dimension.
– It can experience pattern, color, map, writing, all that can be communicated on paper or on a screen: Two Dimensions.
– It can be realized that things are “real” in the sense of touch-able, thick, textured, relatively constant in time. Three Dimensions.
  – Reality is added to by movement. In the long range, this includes time, the fourth dimension, which accounts for human development, change, rusting, age-ing, maturity, etc. Notice that quite different qualities enter the picture at each expansion of dimensionality.
   The fifth dimension is mind, which can picture all these things.
   The sixth dimension is meta-cognition, which can picture reality, though, and entertain alternative realities, “if,” the subjunctive tense, if it were to be different, faster, slower, adding fiction, science fiction…
   The seventh dimension adds verisimilitude and numinosity: The sense that it’s all real (the former), and the sense that it’s important (the latter), compelling, must be acted on. You need to go out and witness to this! That these are sensations tends to be overlooked, though the mind offers examples of the first quality frequently in dreams, and the second quality occasionally in dreams, but mainly in political and religious prophets.
    Each dimension as I say adds qualities not evident in the lower dimensions

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