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Changes are Happening!

Originally posted on February 29, 2016

Things that are changing at an ever-increasing rate:
– People learning that other people have other opinions
    … and what those opinions are
         about religion, politics, etc.
  – People are feeling free to change denominations,
      or join this or that religion, or no religion
       or make up their own, or combine elements,
    As well as having an “over-choice” as to
       What religions to join.

All this is facilitated by more people
   On the internet and cell-phone networks
      Thinking more different things.

Of course, much is trivial, humor, jokes,
    People reaching out and saying hi
       And not much more than that

But the net thrust is a gradual move towards thinking
   And asking you what you think
Which ideally requires literacy, education,
    And beyond that, propaganda analysis,
         Critical thinking

It’s all happening more and faster
   As education accelerates in India and China
      And the rest of the world.
We live in an era called the “anthropocene,”
   An era that is marked by the numbers of people
      Rising to a level where human activity
        Impacts nature!
And people feeling more free than ever,
    In all sorts of other ways.

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