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At the Bottom Edge of Higher Consciousness

Originally posted on February 18, 2016

Alas, my mind plays best at this interface. I even speculate on a half-level higher. Mind interpenetrates all these, from one to seven dimensions. Each dimensional advance partakes of all “lower” dimensions.  I’ve speculated on this spectrum of dimensions in past blog posts. The one before that also. I’ll not say that everything is mind, but rather that mind interpenetrates with everything, and is very much a dimension as real as time, space, energy, matter, and so forth.

I’m giving a series of talks on illusion which I’ll post on my website. Please note that things are not either-or illusory. Things can be 99% to 0.2% illusory, and indeed, the criterion of relevance modifies this number. In other words, who cares is such and so is illusory? And then there’s: It may be illusory, but it works for me. There’s also “This illusion seems so real at the time but on closer inspection it’s misleading.” Those are the guys I’m aiming at.

I’m promiscuously illusion-prone, but I sort of know it. When it’s harmless and fun, I even create many types of illusions, cartoon characters I pretend are real, that sort of thing. But on the other hand, they never get in the way. At least that’s the game.

There are a number of metaphysical corollaries to the idea that dimensions be thought of as valid frames of whatever is “real,” but I fear that I’m still mulling that idea over. Suggestions?

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