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The Spectrum of Pretense

I saw the cartoon-graphic movie, The Rise of the Guardians, yesterday, and something in it repeatedly brought tears to my eyes, especially in the second part. At first I didn’t know why it touched me so, and then these thoughts came to me: I have preserved a capacity to imagine and pretend, what some might […]

There Goes Another One!

It turns out that there is one other universe—but of course, if there were one, there could be an infinite number! I dreamt about it last night—but it wasn’t a dream—it was a segment: Everything went fifty times faster than in our world. Bibbi-badda-bu-bi-bam! Faces, people, events—vaguely oriental, I recall, but oh-so-fast. I realized that […]

Too Much Too Much-ness

My darling wife Allee was talking about a book she was reading about mothers and daughters, and commented that the author of one of the chapters overdid it on the use of the Jungian idea of the “Shadow.”  I think this is a useful concept, so I asked her to explain. It turned out that […]

Tooting Your Own Horn

“To think: I did all that…” a fragment from Frank Sinatra’s theme song, My Way. A little of this—maybe 7 – 12%—is good. More begins to become sort of “narcis-sistic.” Less is too deferential. More is tiresome for others; 20% is annoying; and if you toot your own horn at 30% or more you become […]

Ultimate Truth (Maybe)

We all have intrinsic quirkiness—and that 9.3% of us even allow it to be expressed interpersonally; only 2.1% know they do it on purpose—but they don’t know what they’re really doing.  Only 0.0021% know what interpersonal quirkiness is about:    We all live in separate realities that we co-construct both unconsciously and to a rare minor […]

What If Dreams Are Reflections of Trans-Dimensional Existence?

I have become vaguely aware that we humans are similar in many ways, and dissimilar in many ways; we are multi-dimensional minds in (as far as we know) three-dimensional bodies. But dreams tell us we are far more than 3-D! This is a cockeyed interpretation of dreams: Dreams, most people assert (and who am I […]

What We Don’t Know

Truly, of all the happenings in the vastness of the cosmos, what we know is almost infinitesimally tiny. So as a friend asked herself, “How can I teach when I don’t know?” I responded,  “I too know (on this scale) next to nothing. Courage! On another  scale, most people don’t have the tools to see […]

Wowsy Woozy!!

This is one of the mantras expressing the sentiment of wonder, of astonishmentality, a lovely state of mind that comes from opening the soul-pupils a little bit, opening to the amazing-mentay  (i.e., super-amazing), fabulosity (i.e., super-fabulous nature) of the Everything (i.e., an inconceivable inclusiveness). Indeed, wowsie woozy is an appropriate exclamation for just about anything […]