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What If Dreams Are Reflections of Trans-Dimensional Existence?

Originally posted on June 11, 2018

I have become vaguely aware that we humans are similar in many ways, and dissimilar in many ways; we are multi-dimensional minds in (as far as we know) three-dimensional bodies. But dreams tell us we are far more than 3-D!

This is a cockeyed interpretation of dreams: Dreams, most people assert (and who am I to differ?) are merely illusions from a material perspective, but they hint at a non-material perspective, if we dare take the hint! Oh, my, there I go off into the wild (not just wide) blue yonder! Ah well, I was in the Air Force.

No, I need to explain: What if our minds open to a multi-dimensional way of being—dreams? What if they are hints that we can relate at a dream level? We won’t be able to do this for a thousand years or more, but as an example, the trick of drawing in perspective helped us see the illusion of distance? Something analogous may take place!

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