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Ultimate Truth (Maybe)

Originally posted on March 17, 2016

We all have intrinsic quirkiness—and that 9.3% of us even allow it to be expressed interpersonally; only 2.1% know they do it on purpose—but they don’t know what they’re really doing.  Only 0.0021% know what interpersonal quirkiness is about:    We all live in separate realities that we co-construct both unconsciously and to a rare minor degree, partially consciously.

These realms are like bubbles in beer, only they are multi-dimensional, and as the foam resolves over millennia, it seems that there is this one thing called "foam," but because there’s one name, folks forget that it’s an aggregate of "bubbles."

Because it has one name we think we’re all the same bubbles, but in fact every bubble is on a minute level microscopically different, and dare I say, since these are multi-dimensional—that’s a clue—every bubble is distinctly different.

Since each bubble is furthermore flexible, made of stuff (it seems) as fragile as surface tension, it is shifting constantly as one of its neighboring bubble bursts (i.e., dies) and the angles shift to replace it. This is a metaphor for how we adjust to the multiple vicissitudes of life. Very high level metaphysical  blah blah…

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