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Wowsy Woozy!!

Originally posted on March 14, 2014

This is one of the mantras expressing the sentiment of wonder, of astonishmentality, a lovely state of mind that comes from opening the soul-pupils a little bit, opening to the amazing-mentay  (i.e., super-amazing), fabulosity (i.e., super-fabulous nature) of the Everything (i.e., an inconceivable inclusiveness). Indeed, wowsie woozy is an appropriate exclamation for just about anything you look at closely enough. (Anything turns out to be made of whatevers that are made of tinier whatevers that are made of tinier whatevers in more than three dimensions!) So our mind simply opening and taking it in and daring to register it or coordinate it with anything else is a profoundly holy, prayerful activity. Also linguistic-scriptologically, ‘wow’ is ‘mom’ upside down. Wo is Om upside down and backwards. Thought you’d want to know that. Hm?

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