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My “Third Age”

Originally posted on December 26, 2016

In some ways it’s a denouemont; in some ways a penultimate performance. Priorities: Hang out with Allee, care for and be cared for by my daughter’s family; get to know the new community of San Luis Obispo, along Hightway 101, near the coast, half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s a return to California after about 34 years. I”m retiring and moving there. My mother-in-law is moving with us! She’ll be in a retirement complex comparable to where she is now, and we’ll be in a double-wide trailer, it looks like, equidistant from downtown and my daughter’s.

Vocationally, I’m looking forward to teaching again, finding some gigs that are comparable to the Senior University that I helped start up in Georgetown.

About psychodrama—I’m fading a bit. I want to promote the use of play and action explorations for normal people, beyond the sick role. I respect those who are applying it for therapy, but my interest is more general and builds on the healthy parts of people. Call it "creativity enhance-ment" a value and goal for many adults who like the idea. Moreno and other pioneers of improvisation in the theatre gave use many tools and concepts for doing that, along with many other creative people

Also, I hope to promote relations among related fields. Of course there is drama therapy, but there are others. Applied Improvisation applies creative inspiration in business and organizations. Moreno attempted this a generation or two ago but it didn’t take. Psychodrama’s name was too "psycho" and implied individual neurosis. Of course there is Socio- but that word suggests academic something. The point is that I want to encourage cross-disciplinary ventures.

I’m getting older and beginning to fade. My special interest involve the applications of psycho-dramatic methods in people with fairly good ego strength. I’ve found that (1) most people—or at least 50%—don’t want psychotherapy or any kind of mind expansion; (2) of those left, many are open to change but it needs to be graded according to their understanding and capacity for creativity. Many people have no sense of what mind expansion is about, and have no appreciation that creativity is needed or desirable. My goal is to soften them up for follow up, so they become more receptive, then eager.

For psychodrama, I’m distributing my considerable library around, in hopes that it will be scanned-on and distributed further. Translated into various languages, too. Enough for now.

3 Responses to “My “Third Age””

  • Maximilian says:

    Hi Adam,
    what vision do you have for healthy people? If they are healthy, why should they become more creative?
    In what way is your understanding of creativity different from effective problem solving or participating in creative pursuits?

  • kathleen murphy says:

    hi adam. i met you several times – i used to live in austin, tx and then i moved to pennsylvania. i now live in Los Angeles- and i see that you have come to the west coast. you are one of the most brilliant people i have had the honor to meet- and i sure would love to come and visit you and talk about what your latest thinking is- or what interests/fascinates you. is it possible that i could come spend an afternoon or morning just taking with you? i am 60. yes. we all want to be free or happy – but the cost? hmm. well… i think we have to give up or sacrifice – i love the word sacrifice– to make holy– to sacrifice that which is most precious– which is sometimes our petty fears and narrative universes of impossibly– in order to find out what might be available.. anyway, on this part of your journey- i wish you love.

  • Steven Blackstone says:

    Adam! It’s Renaissance Man! Since I served you as you pest control professional some years ago in Austin I have become an established practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with an office location in Live Oak, Texas.

    I would like to forward you an article I’ve written slated for future publication suggesting that, from a Chinese Medicine point of view, mental illness, as it is described by the “Western” medical community is not strictly emotional or psychological but… pathological. I don’t know what gaps you’re hoping to bridge or what you consider “related fields” but, I want to explore possibilities with you because between Chinese Medicine and allopathic medicine there appears to be the biggest gap possible in the approach to mental health.

    I have had great success treating PTSD, OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia, neurosis starting with the somatic aspect related to each. Then, employing “cross-disciplinary methods” of dealing with the same. The article is greatly simplified for the average reader but. I can explain things at a level you may find more appreciable.

    Incidentally, I have an internationally read blog at . and have become a renowned idiopathic disease specialist. My services are in demand internationally. I have the opportunity to tour and treat in Europe this year. I have been asked to be Chief of Staff at a new alternative medicine hospital. So, I’ve been a bit busy since I was Blackie the bug guy. With any luck I will have a book published in paperback this year.

    Best wishes. Hope to hear from you.

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