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Creativity Enhancement

Originally posted on December 23, 2016

   As I grow older, I’m interested in applying new age ideas, singing songs, psychodramatic methods (but only with people with fairly good ego strength). I’m rather finished with psychiatry, trying to help most people—I estimate a least 50%—who don’t want psychotherapy or any kind of mind expansion. I address rather those who are open to change, even though I know it needs to be graded according to their understanding and capacity for creativity.

Many people have no appreciation that creativity is needed or desirable. My goal is to soften them up for follow up, so they become more receptive, then eager. I also want to make "creativity enhancement" a value and goal for many adults who like the idea, and Moreno gave use many tools and concepts for doing that, along with many other creative people.

Of course there are hundreds of ways to develop oneself—maybe thousands!—and I am promoting just a few. In a wider sense, though, the idea that people are grown “up” at age 30 is ludicrous. It can continue, imaginative, emotional growth, skills acquisition, perspective- building, for the rest of your life, if you’re committed to continue growing.

I guess I’m just a product of the encounter-group self-development movement that was popular in the early 1970s. I continued as a psychiatrist for 40 years after that, but that’s enough. So, more than psychodrama (which is one of many ways), I want to witness to all methods that promote creativity. Though born within the psychotherapy environment, it served to lift people who for the most pare were not caught up so badly in their own mind games. My present vision is to support mature adults reach further toward their own potential.

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