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Life Exploration

Originally posted on December 14, 2016

This is also a form of life expansion, and it’s not medical model. It’s a coaching model. Many—perhaps most—people who are referred aren’t really wanting to take on the world in new ways. They just say to themselves, “Don’t try this or you’ll seem foolish.”

But life expansion is a form of non-problem-centered work with an individual, family, or group. There has been no clear role for this in the past. You had to be sick otherwise you wouldn’t dramatize your situation. This is all so misleading! Even the word “drama” is misleading, because what is trying to get introduced is imagination, or cognition plus imagination. I’m just trying to bridge drama work—a misnomer— with life exploration, with healthy people who want to keep growing. Perhaps there’s more of a market for this stuff on the West and East coast.

   Warmly, Adam

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