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Unfolding Consciousness

Originally posted on October 24, 2015

.Consciousness is progressing gradually, unfolding, ideas building on each other. Things take time and their processes operate on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. Much of my work has gone in the direction of facilitating this unfolding consciousness, at whatever pace. A bit of encouragement here, a boost there. It’s a very slight intervention I make, and I suspect that some efforts bounce off, others make only the slightest dent.

Perhaps at a future date someone will say, “Hey, I heard this sort of thing before.” Maybe this time he’ll listen, or maybe he’ll have to say, “That’s the third time I heard something like this. I must look into it!” It all proceeds not only at each individual’s own pace, but at the pace dictated by the situation, the whole angelic committee.

So, in contrast to getting stuck, I want to facilitate maybe a tiny more light, novelty, discovery, liberation. All my lectures indirectly or directly point in this direction— the history of writing, of disease discovery, of psychological literacy. Next February I’ll talk about illusions—the more you know what they are, the more you can notice them and if you wish, rise above them.

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