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March, 2014

The Lies We Live By

I have evolved from my role as psychiatrist in part into the role of cultural critic, because I found that part of what has come to be regarded as neurosis is just that some folks take to heart the lessons they’ve been taught or picked up from the ambient culture. It began to dawn on […]

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Very early in the last century my parents immigrated from the old country. The traveled from Eastern Europe and came to the USA, to New York City. There was a huge immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe to England and the USA, the “golden country.” Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty always touches […]

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This is the sound of a spluttered Bl… a “raspberry” as a term for the sound made of slightly sticking out your tongue and making an impudent noise. Bbbbl is a sound  followed by a sort of soft or silent L. If you think about it, BbbbL  is one phoneme. It often is a sound […]

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More Leprechaun Power

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and this offers us a multiplicity of themes. One, it is a festival for people of Irish descent to celebrate. Irish themed songs, folk songs, that’s another aspect. I am interested, though, in leprechauns. I have a cousin, I think, on the astral plane, who is a leprechaun. There […]

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Ninety-Nine Point Nine Nine Nine

That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Anyway, 99.999 percent or more of everything doesn’t get utilized for the precise purpose for which it was designed. For example, sperm, embryo squids, oak tree acorns, various other kinds of seeds, stars, planets, etc.—most stuff doesn’t directly contribute to its own entelechy. The entelechy of […]

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Wowsy Woozy!!

This is one of the mantras expressing the sentiment of wonder, of astonishmentality, a lovely state of mind that comes from opening the soul-pupils a little bit, opening to the amazing-mentay  (i.e., super-amazing), fabulosity (i.e., super-fabulous nature) of the Everything (i.e., an inconceivable inclusiveness). Indeed, wowsie woozy is an appropriate exclamation for just about anything […]

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Some Facets of Depth Psychology

  Depth psychology is my term for the complex of approaches that attend to the way that unconscious processes are a significant determinant in human behavior.  In the 20th century, Freudian and post-Freudian psychoanalysis was the most prominent exemplar, even early in that century Jung and Adler broke with Freud and pursued their visions—equally partaking […]

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Leprechaun Power

Here’s a little thought for St. Patrick’s Day: Please take it as seriously or as playfully as you like. At this point in history, most reputable people don’t yet believe in elves. (And by elves I mean anthropomorphic representations of semi-cosmic resonant energy fields.) It’s interesting, because belief in cosmic resonant energy fields such as […]

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Social Embedded-ness

I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon, how people are caught up in an invisible matrix of influences. I recently read an article in the April, 2014 Discovery Magazine about how depth psychology and neurophysiology are being brought together, and I am in favor of integrations. (Actually, they were talking about psychoanalysis, but I find that […]

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A Passover Contemplation

What really happened on Mt Sinai (A myth): Moses: Okay Lord, gimme the rules. The Lord:  No rules. We co-create this. General guidelines. Be nice. Stuff like that.   M I gotta have rules. L: Yes, dear Moishe, you are dealing with slaves and the children of slaves, I understand. But I have a problem […]

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