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A Passover Contemplation

Originally posted on March 1, 2014

What really happened on Mt Sinai (A myth):
Moses: Okay Lord, gimme the rules.
The Lord:  No rules. We co-create this. General guidelines. Be nice. Stuff like that.
  M I gotta have rules.
L: Yes, dear Moishe, you are dealing with slaves and the children of slaves, I understand. But I have a problem here: Catering to their desire for authority from above is fiercely co-dependent.
M: Huh?
L: Oh, that word isn’t in your vocabulary. (Won’t be for maybe three  thousand years. Never mind.) Put it this way: It fosters  a subtly slavish mentality.
  M: Yeah, so?
L: You don’t get it, do you? Liberation means no boss, not even ME!
   M: Somebody’s gotta be the boss.
L. Actually, in highly complex, differentiated systems, not. Beings from one-celled animals to cells in your body work out arrangements. Not even your brain is boss.
   M:  It isn’t? Look, I can make myself lift my hand! See?
L: (Myself, these humans are dense. Oh, well, only about a million years or less from the apes. Patience!) Not when you gotta go. There are times when bladder and anus is boss.
    M: (Getting it)  Ah.
L: My wonderfulness is precisely my deeply organic commitment to what in three thousand years will be called democracy, and that too is highly imperfect.
    M:  Well you should know. You’re, like, God.
L: I can read minds, you know: You’re still superimposing a master-slave somebody-going-to-be-boss hierarchical anthropomorphic model on this. Sigh. Humans totally misunderstand how I work. I don’t make anything happen. I don’t give "commandments." That’s so very… what word—patriarchal?
    M:  huh?
L: Sorry, another word waaay beyond you. True liberation means taking responsibility.
   M: Wow. that’s heavy.
L: Of course it’s heavy. But you wanted non-slavery. I understand that for human social organizations, slavery has had some advantages. Someone else (other slaves) take care of food getting, preparing, drink shelter, etc. It’s a living organism, a large household with many slaves, each of whom helps the other. Can people do this without being "bossed"? That is the question.
   M Okay, but what are the rules, then?
L. You don’t get it, do you?
    M  Get what?

So that’s what took so long. Not the dictation of the rules. Once God got that Moses didn’t have it in him to really break free more than 24% beyond slavery, he gave rules. Even these, 90%, were painfully distorted, like trying to explain graduate level subtle ethics to 4-year-olds. Ah, the evolution of consciousness.

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