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The Curves of Becoming

Originally posted on March 30, 2012

The cosmos operates in magic curves that are based on the phi ratio found throughoutgoldnrectangle nature. This is the basis for the “Golden Triangle” pictured at right, a major element in sacred geometry. Sometimes things move along seemingly slowly at one level, while at a deeper level things are germinating, resting, gathering strength, reorganizing and ripening, and not much seems to be changing. But then things begin to come together, and that  coming-together accelerates the process, drawing more things in, and you get geometric spirals, curves of acceleration, and finally phase changes when a hot mass converts into a star, spring breaks forth in the meadow, the baby is born, deep insight brings an epiphany when everything (it seems) reorganizes in a gestalt of insight.

Our present era beginning increasingly since the Renaissance and accelerating noticeably since the early 19th century and reaching inconceivable (literally) levels in the 1970s—the river of novelty, progress, information expansion, rate of change—reaching flood stage, tsunami stage, overload. We’re in a cultural blossoming era now and no single person can keep track of the innumerable changes, paradigm shifts, transformations occurring at this moment.

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  • Matthew says:

    That answers one of my earlier questions. And it rings of limited falsity. How naive and immature it now seems to have imagined that it was possible to know what changes, paradigm shifts, transformations were occurring at any gven moment. Far more enjoyable to observe and admire the blossoming of cultural flowers anyway, I reckon, rather than think about the next season.

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