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More About My Brain-Cell Projection

Originally posted on March 28, 2012

My friend Allan wrote about the picture of the cell shown here on my blog a few days ago:  “Hmmm. If it’s a single cell, it’s got a lot of inclusions. Think supercomputer with each cell an organic integrated circuit module. That should push your brain components into the yantabyte range of memory and storage of life’s experiences.”
     I replied: You mean yotta (10 to the 24th power—a septillion-fold) but you see you were 2/3 right, because it’s really yantra-byte—a quantitative term that I use to indicate a number that may not be infinite, but rather is open-ended. (More about yantra-quantities in another blog.) That is to say, these images shown in the cartoon are not "in" the cell, but rather are the expressions of the various networks connected by resonating axon-dendrite synapses—and some cells have thousands of them—are functional antennas to the shamanic realms, the images of dreams, cartoons, art, which, as I say, may or may not be infinite in number, but are well beyond the human capacity to know.

The point here is that the brain doesn’t manufacture or store images so much as open to varying degrees to which has in esoteric thought been called the "akashic record"—which in turn is not a fixed record as we think of that word, but rather a dynamic field of unfolding images and ideas that expand exponentially as sentient foci (i.e., "minds") expand arithmetically.

There is input into this field from personal life experiences, memories, desires, all the Freudian stuff and input also from the physiology of REM sleep, activating imagery grids with pure pattern input also from the archetypal levels (plural), several sources of music, art, color, theme—and add a dash of play, and then the sheer creativity of the angels. (That’s our word for the multi-dimensional tutelary spirit-beings who weave these dream components together into meaningful stories. There’s no neurophysiology that begins to explain how they do this so cleverly.

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