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School Supplies

Originally posted on July 21, 2018

For the first time in ages I haven’t shopped in stationery stores or drug stores for school supplies. I have enough to last me, and I won’t purchase more. This “came home” to me yesterday when I was at a Dollar Tree store, when in the past I would buy school supplies. No longer: I have enough!

I have enough?? What kind of statement is that?? I do have enough, though—it’s true! I have enough to last me. I have a beautiful, wonderful wife. I am fulfilled. I have a wonderful set of kids  I figure that if I aim higher then the “costs” of getting begin to exceed the costs of having. Luxury enough beats out too much luxury. I didn’t think this before, though. Maybe I’m growing smarter as I grow older. (There’s a saying in German that we grow “too soon old and too late smart”—but I seem to have gotten off that the crucial moment.)

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