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Therapy or Education?

Originally posted on July 21, 2018

Some has been written, indeed, of thinking of therapy as re-education! It is curious that methods of consciousness-expansion can be applied as therapy or education. My next (and last) project is to broaden action techniques, psychodramatic meth-ods, enhanced simulations, beyond psycho-therapy. There are tens of thousands of articles about applications in therapy, but Moreno wrote about education and business and other non-clinical of his methods.

Back then everything was therapy, but of late methods have to meet the test of evaluation, which is a Procrustean test—stacked against the methods in the name of "objective" science! So I don’t care about therapy any more. I respect my col-leagues who are trying to prove their methods are valid, but that’s just not my focus. I want to show these methods are good for integrating the "subjunctive"—- "IF" this would happen, what then?  That if makes it subjunctive. All else is technique.

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