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Jung and Moreno

Originally posted on July 21, 2018

I’ve recently encountered a paper about Jung and Moreno, which reminded me of some books, and it got me thinking, as I am wont to do. Jung, whom Freud dis-missed as messing in the dark mud of occult-ism, plumbs the non-rational that suffuses the realm of the unconscious. (Dreams, for example!) Jung opens some doors, but the challenge is to see beyond. Moreno for all his genius failed to see this. His character flaw was that he failed to be intimidated by what Jung called the “mysterium tremendum.” (Alas for Moreno!) Indeed, this fearlessness enabled Moren0 to explore further in a some directions that Jung did not contemplate, but not others.

Jung appreciated (as Moreno did not) that God is trans-rational. (There’s a gener-ous supply of rationality, true!)  One part of that is aesthetic, for example: it par-takes of levels of symbolism to communicate this. These symbols are both rational and irrational, as is music and art.

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